From Andy Long, Wildlife and Heritage Crime Adviser for English Heritage …

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The BBC4 website attracted a lot of attention in February when it was announced that Mackenzie Crook was filming a comedy series in which he plays a ‘wannabee archaeologist’. The comments on online detecting forums ranged from how the show might be very entertaining and worth watching, to how it would be detrimental to detectorists and the hobby.

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New TVC Appointments

29 September 2014 — 6 Comments

Culture Secretary makes new appointments to Treasure Valuation Committee …

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“There’s a good range of background skills and experience. Especially pleased to see Harry Bain there as she certainly has her finger on the pulse and has so much widespread respect from the detecting community” … Liam Nolan


“Residents of the small market town were understandably intrigued about the temporarily erected mini studio in the square.”

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Underprivileged Squirrels

I’m going on a one mile midnight ‘walk’ next month in aid of underprivileged local squirrels and am looking for sponsorship. Today I went to IKEA in Milton Keynes and bought new batteries for my torch. It was also a sort of rehearsal for the walk. Got lost three times and must have ‘travelled’ about two miles before finding the exit. Thanks to Sophie for holding my hand whilst pushing that enormous trolley!

Why squirrels I hear you ask? Last week Aylesbury County Council held a press conference and announced that the animal has surpassed people to become the Vale Park’s largest minority. But they are experiencing hardship. Small boys are harvesting fallen acorns thus causing the squirrels grief.

Of course – and it is to be expected – many people have expressed outrage at the growing squirrel population, Not me! Because of the current rabies epidemic (that’s another story) we are banned from keeping pet squirrels in the nursing home anyway.

However, I do have unconfirmed reports that a detectorist friend of mine has crafted small squirrel-sized leads, and has taken these little furry little beasts on walks up the High Street and even on Central Searcher digs. Richard categorically denies that his world famous curry has a new ingredient … and I believe him!

Friends – the squirrel may be surviving in Buckinghamshire, but is in decline in other counties. Please help me in reversing the nationwide trend by supporting me in my walk. I hope to have a Just Giving website organised soon where you can pledge your support. Thank you! And I’d be pleased to hear from anyone who has a rugged all-terrain wheelchair for sale. Something like this: 


dvcJust over ten years ago the public imagination about Christianity’s secret past was fired, stoked up and resurrected with the publication of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

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The Stormtrooper Detectorist

20 September 2014 — 6 Comments

I have sponsored many people on detecting forums over the last few years, from those collecting money for animals, fundraising for a child to have special surgery or doing a skydive for charity. But here’s something different … Keith collects money for charity by dressing up in white plastic!

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Modern Tweezers

Modern Tweezers © JW

Wedged between the antibiotic ointment and the toothpaste tubes in our medicine cabinet, you are likely to find a pair of tweezers. Likewise, a peek in yours will probably reveal a similar thing. In my last blog Jeff Hatt described them as an extraordinary ordinary thing and they are just that.

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