In September 2012 I wrote about the largest Celtic coin hoard ever discovered, unearthed in Jersey by detectorists Richard Miles and and Reg Mead. At the time I said:

“The news dominating the detecting world on the morning of 27 June 2012 estimated that the hoard might contain between 30-50,000 coins and weigh nearly a ton. I’ll just pause a moment so you can visualise that somewhat crudely painted picture.”

This total was later thought to be at least 71,000 coins.

Jersy Guys

Richard Miles (L) and Reg Mead. Original picture courtesy of Scott Miles

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Legs! The Stirrup Terminal

20 November 2015 — 18 Comments

David WilliamsThe short profile of David Williams on the Portable Antiquities Scheme site says: (He) is the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Surrey and East Berkshire … and has been involved with Surrey archaeology since the mid 1970s and has worked on many excavations and reports … David is the author of several publications, including a classification of Late Saxon Stirrup-Strap Mounts. The latter would not have been possible without the help of many metal detector users. More about David later.

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Another Unusual Find

16 November 2015 — 11 Comments

Bombs awayA detectorist finding a bomb on a rally isn’t an unusual occurrence. Indeed it provides an ideal spectator sport when the disposal squad is eventually summoned to blow it up and make the area safe. This happened at a rally I attended. But, on this occasion, we had the foreplay but no climatic conclusion. This is what happened.

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Einstein-in-1947E=mc², Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, has to be the most famous and mysterious equation of all time, and familiar to most people. What it means is a different matter, but if I tell you that it basically states that matter and energy are identical, then you are guaranteed to be none the wiser. Continue Reading…


My friend Ian (aka Bottlebloke from the NRH forum) has at last shared some of his little wrinkles on how to become a successful detectorist. Follow his simple advice and you can be sitting on a mountain of treasure that includes gold rings, shiny silver and hammered coins! Probably!

Ian was initially reluctant to share his success story because he thought that readers wouldn’t believe a word and that he would become a pariah of the detecting world. I’m pleased to say that I persuaded him otherwise and to make this exclusive guest post.  

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Not everybody knows that my ancestors, Bob and Tom Winter were members of the Gunpowder Plot, a failed conspiracy to assassinate King James I. They had a half brother, John Winter, who was also involved. This is a flight of fancy of course, but makes a great start to my blog post.

Winter Bros

Robert and Thomas Winter – Wikipedia CC

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sadfaceThe last time I visited this subject it was rather traumatic. Would you believe that I lost subscribers and was ostracised on a couple of forums for my ‘audacity’ in speaking out? But, it wasn’t all like that. A forum named one of their boards John Winter’s Joke Section in my honour. Good one. I liked their perverse sense of humour.


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