The Bizarre Beard Tax

20 February 2018 — 16 Comments

Me as a wee bairn … and now … the height of fashion!

I have sported a beard for over 60 years and, watching the BAFTA’s the other day, realised that at last I was really ‘with it’. The beard has become something of a fashion accessory, sported by almost every male celebrity on the catwalk and hirsute hero on the high street. But storm clouds are looming.

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The New Metal Detector

16 February 2018 — 60 Comments

For many detectorists the act of buying a new machine far outweighs the thrill of actually doing the hobby …

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In the past I have published posts … and lost them. Many were valuable assets and, sometimes I resurrect the originals (if it’s possible) to give them a new lease life of life.

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Because the copper coinage in England was in disarray there were literally thousands of privately issued low denomination tokens issued in and around London during the 17th century and later.

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Lance and the Exhibit

Before the first episode of the Bafta winning sitcom, Detectorists, was aired in 2014, I helped out by providing some of the props. Indeed, some of you also answered the production company’s call for help. We provided items for an Open Night night at the Danebury MDC, when one of the chief exhibits was a table showing Ring Pulls Through the Ages.

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How the hobby of metal detecting can improve the quality of life and care for dementia patients

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The Doddershall Ring

22 January 2018 — 20 Comments



The Intriguing Story of a Remarkable Find

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Launch of the new UKDFD

20 January 2018 — 24 Comments


Yesterday Gary Brun, on behalf of the UKDFD Team, announced the launch of the new United Kingdom Detector Finds Database (UKDFD). This is what he had to say:

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