The Dead Man’s Penny

15 October 2017 — 5 Comments


Around the picture the legend reads (in capitals) ‘He died for freedom and honour’, or for the plaques issued to commemorate women, ‘She died for freedom and honour’. Pictures courtesy of John Woon – from his father-in-law’s collection.

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Instrument of Torture

13 October 2017 — Leave a comment

Please see the interesting update to the thread. Please click below

Clickety Click – another Child’s Toy

Detecting Videos Part 2

6 October 2017 — 13 Comments

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Metal Detecting Videos

30 September 2017 — 39 Comments

If you are an easily offended detectorist/videographer I suggest that you give this blog a miss … go and make a coffee … or summat.

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Planning and Good Practice for your New Hobby

Picture by JW

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Good Wine Needs No Bush

17 September 2017 — 13 Comments

In the early 1800′s no official copper coins were struck in the UK thus resulting in a shortage of small change.19th century public houses, inns, hotels, shops and other merchants issued advertising tokens. As well as advertising the business they also had an exchange value.

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