Exciting Find – a Resurrection for Easter

Long term readers of the UK detecting magazine The Searcher, may be familiar with the names of Mike PIttard and Anne Laverty, who were first featured in 1989 when Mike found a clay pot containing a massive hoard of over 22,500 Roman coins. That’s another story and has been well documented. Below is a reminder of the front cover of the magazine.

© John Winter

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Remarkable Gold Cup

17th April 2019 — 26 Comments

Rag and Bone Man’s Special Find – Steptoe’s Gold!

Some finds I write about are quite unique and lodge themselves in a special part of my memory labelled Don’t Forget!  The story of the small metal cup I first published in 2008 is a good example.

For overseas readers (who may not be aware of the significance of my title}, it is enough to know that it refers to the BBC comedy Steptoe and Son, about two men who dealt in selling used items. Here’s my report:

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The news today ( June 25th 2018 ) that a war-time British chaplain nicknamed ‘Woodbine Willie’ gave troops ‘one final gasper’ to sick and dying soldiers on the frontline grasped my attention. And reminded me of my childhood.

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Pipe-Clay Wig Curler from about 1750. W.B. and two dots at one end.

Not all finds recorded by detectorists are metallic. Ace detectorist Gordon Heritage made the ‘exciting’ wig curler discovery ‘eyes only’ in Olney, Buckinghamshire.

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Gary and Les

24th June 2018 — 15 Comments

It was rather hot this afternoon and, having a disinclination for physical exertion (boasting again) I lounged at the patio table reading Tony Robinson’s autobiography. I always had zero discrimination.

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