DRESS SENSE: When this was first written the nearest the general public ever got to a genuine archaeologist is seeing them on the popular television programme, Time Team. Tony Robinson [now Sir] doesn’t count because he’s a television presenter (and comedian?) He once famously said that you could tell an archaeologist by his poor dress sense and terrible haircuts.

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Green Light for Change

23 April 2015 — 26 Comments

The film below is about how the Portable Antiquities Scheme works in England and Wales. It has been made as part of the campaign to legalise metal detecting for antiquities in the Republic of Ireland …

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Fedora copy

The Fedora – Indiana Jones’ Iconic Hat

GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS:  What does it take to be an archaeologist? I’m going to take a brief look at the physical attributes and dress code in particular. Let’s face it – the average detectorist is well on the way to being a field archaeologist anyway for he/she has already participated in many sessions of on-site excavation work and has extensive digging experience.

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Emergency Rations

17 April 2015 — 9 Comments

TinMetal detecting is a fascinating hobby; you never know what you’re going to unearth. Two of my most unusual finds have been in those 2oz tobacco tins, the sort that Old Holborn and Golden Virginia used to be packed. One contained a couple of masonic jewels and the other a full set of false teeth nestling on a foam lining. The owner of the latter must have been left rather bereft, out-of-pocket and somewhat inadequate when he discovered the loss.

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facebook1-1024x1024A frequent question on many metal detecting forums, both home and abroad, is the one asking what has happened to all the members, and why so few post. This is then followed up by comments to the effect that the site is ‘dying.’

The usual response from those who do post is that there’s always a lull at this particular time of the year and that they’ll be back once the digs restart, or something of that nature.

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Capt. Grenfell

I remember a discussion on a detecting forum about an alternative name for a detectorist and one that I remembered was Serendipitist! After all, detecting is all about making fortunate discoveries by accident. it seemed a reasonable suggestion, borne out by a good example of serendipity in the following remarkable story about a piece of copper and Captain Francis Grenfell VC who died in May 1915. That’s his grave on the left. Please click to enlarge.

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ireland_irish_flagGUEST POST.  Wesley Boucher campaigns for responsible metal detecting, co-operation, understanding, fairness and the basic right for every Irishman to enjoy our wonderful hobby. For the unenlightened, detecting in the Republic is quite restrictive.

Along with detectorist Liam Nolan, Wes has worked tirelessly on behalf of Irish detectorists and even attended meetings with politicians in his endeavours to make change happen. I have invited Wes to tell us something about the situation over there. 

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2015 Maundy Money

1 April 2015 — 2 Comments
The Royal Mint Maundy Money 2

© Royal Mint

On Thursday April 2nd, Her Royal Majesty the Queen will undertake the ancient Royal Maundy Money ritual for the 60th time since her accession to the throne in 1952. This year, the ceremony will take place at Sheffield’s C of E Cathedral.

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