Does My Breath Smell?

7 December 2016 — 23 Comments

Does my Breath Smell?

459131354-www-wpclipart-com-plants-flowers-no-name-wilting-flower-png-html-2dpr7a-clipartThe pesky pedant’s answer of course is, “What you mean to ask is, does my breath stink?” We’ve all found ourselves chatting with someone whose breath could easily wilt a flower. According to a recent study up to 50% of people suffer with foul mouth odours at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of wilted flowers!

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Competition Winner

3 December 2016 — 18 Comments

winnerI am pleased to announce that the winner of my recent competition was …


a moderator on the Canadian Metal Detecting Forum

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A Flight of Fancy

30 November 2016 — 12 Comments

ia-psychic-night-out-708x288n a couple of places on my blog (now three) you will find the statement, “You will find regular posts about metal detecting matters on here, but perhaps the approach is different to what you might expect; I will occasionally talk about other subjects that take my fancy.” This, I suppose, is one of those occasions.

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Competition Time!

26 November 2016 — 88 Comments

win-copyIt seems ages since I tempted you with a little competition. I have discovered a pair of pocket digital scales that I used when I was an active detectorist, but are now surplus to requirements. Yes, they are relatively cheap, second-hand ‘pre-loved’ to my friends across the Pond, but still very reliable. I will also add a little extra, but more about this later.


Winner announcement HERE

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kije57kiqThe question on the detecting forum was innocent enough: “Are there any books available or web pages about Irish countermarked slab tokens?”

I was intrigued. I’m regarded by many to be some kind of knowledgeable person on all things detecting, but that’s far from the truth. I’m an imaginative writer and have never set myself up as an expert. I’d never heard of a slab token and was determined to find out more.

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bucksAfter the last post went tit’s up (literally and metaphorically) and was removed by me, I’ve decided to play safe and give you the latest news on the Lenborough Hoard. 🙂

Parts 1 and 2 can be seen HERE and HERE respectively. As expected, the hoard was declared ‘treasure’ at the coroner’s inquest held on the 2nd November 2015.

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Image courtesy

I am so pleased and fortunate to have a GUEST POST ‘penned’ by actor and metal detectorist Andrew Caley. You may have noticed that he has started writing for one of the UK detecting magazines and is generating a lot of attention and favourable reviews. 

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The classic ‘Aero’ logo

In 1968 when I was poorer and even more impoverished than I am now, my mother-in-law helped me to purchase a sixth-hand, white, Saab 96 two-stroke car. I remember that the battery earth cable was rather worse for wear so, being resourceful, I filched wire from the cooker and we used a gas ring instead. So began my long association with Saabs.

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The John Winter Award

28 October 2016 — 11 Comments

I assume that John Winter died sometime between late 2011 and early 2016. May he rest in peace. Before confusion reigns, let me explain. Wrong assumption – scroll down to the end.

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The caltrop is an ancient, weird, and wicked little weapon. When thrown on the ground this multi-pointed metal star will always have at least one spike sticking upwards. This weapon is a nasty piece of work. History tells us the Romans used caltrops to permanently remove chariots from the battlefield. This is what I’m talking about:


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