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1st September 2014 — 6 Comments

photoTwenty years ago detectorist John Brassey put pen to paper (literally, I suspect) and wrote a hobby magazine article advising readers on how to write a ‘detecting story’ suitable for possible publication.


“First and foremost you need a nom-de-plume”, he wrote, citing various other writers in the magazine, ‘like Old Yellowbelly’ and The Headmaster’; and he explained why.

I liked John’s sense of humour. “[Now that] You’ve overcome that first hurdle and you’re now ‘John Brassey’ or some other unlikely name, let’s get down to the text”.

His final comment: “Don’t be disappointed if you get a rejection slip, you can always resubmit to another publication. Hans Christian Anderson’s publishers are always on the lookout to new talent!” made me smile.

John was a supporter of Liverpool FC [we won’t hold that against him] and, since he retired in 2010, has blogged on the subject of retirement with the occasional post on his metal detecting exploits. Reading his interests and CV of accomplishments makes me tired. Photography, gym, travel, cinema and writing all remind me of my own apathy and inactivity.


So, why am I telling you all this? John has just published his first novel entitled ‘Give Me Your Tomorrow.” I’ve pinched the ‘blurb’ from his website:

A compelling story set in 1969 against the background of the Apollo Moon missions and filled with sunshine, fireworks and pop music, Give Me Your Tomorrow is funny, romantic and moving.

Maggie Johnson and her son Alfie arrive on the beautiful Greek island of Symos. She’s aiming to save Alfie from an oppressive existence in their home city of Liverpool and to develop a holiday business in the fledgling tourism industry . A family tragedy has confined Nicos Karteras to a lonely life on the island.

When Maggie rents his idyllic cottage Nico sees a possible opportunity for friendship and perhaps an end to his loneliness but a simple misunderstanding threatens to blow everything off course.

The book has been well-recieved and I have already made arrangements to get one. Can’t wait! You can purchase from Amazon. Full details are HERE, including more about the author. A Kindle Edition is also available.


© John signing copies of his book. Click to enlarge

John is now waiting for the royalties to pour in and I wish him well. How refreshing it is to feature him and his accomplishments in my blog. In some circles inhabited mainly by our malicious detractors, all metal detectorists are viewed as ignorant, rough and bad-mannered louts. Like many others of our ilk, John disproves that erroneous perception. I wonder if the most vociferous amongst them can put a negative spin on this blog post?

Click HERE to Access John’s Blog


John the Metal Detectorist

John has had some reasonable successes with his detector over the last few years including finding a piece of Roman gold jewellery in September 2011. What it is we are not quite sure, but it is described as part of a necklace or bracelet or possibly an earring. The farmer and John donated the find to the museum in Penrith, the town nearest to the find spot, and where it resides today.


© PAS and reproduced with permission – Click to enlarge


 © JB – John in Metal Detecting Mode


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6 responses to John Brassey : Author and Metal Detectorist

  1. Thank you for the publicity John. I’m working on my next one now – there may be some detecting in it.

  2. Well done on your achievements john hope the book sells well.

  3. story set in 1969-if he can remember the 60,s he was not there -lol

  4. I see that John has a newer book entitled, “Click to enlarge”, can you tell us anything about it please Mr Winter sir ?

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