The Unique Gift of a Hammered Coin

5th January 2017 — 22 Comments

I was fortunate to receive several Christmas gifts, several which surprised and pleased me. One was a bottle of Chardonnay left in the porch, wrapped up in festive guise, and wishing Mrs John and me a ‘Happy Christmas’. The sender was anonymous apart from a single letter with a kiss and an enigmatic tally that read: Remembering with fondness old friends. Still trying to work out the kind philanthropist, but the gift was graciously received!

Another unexpected gift was unique, rather special and totally unexpected. It brought tears to my eyes. I will keep you in suspenders and reveal what it was at the end of this blog post. 

Picture courtesy of Liz Law – Banner from The Searcher magazine

Welcome back. Last year I wrote a piece entitled The Altruistic Patrick Law. My title was derived from what he said in conversation, “Doing stuff for other people makes me feel good!” Tizer, his Patterdale terrier and detecting partner also featured.

I started the Searcher magazine article in the way reproduced below and then talked about Tizer and Pat’s finds:

It is a fact that amongst the legion of detectorists, that there are some very intelligent and talented individuals, and in varying disciplines. I have been privileged and delighted to tell some of their stories in the pages of this magazine.

I continued …

My talented subject today is Mr. Patrick Law … a stonemason who has crossed the line from craft to art and uses his artistic ability to carve stone into fantastic creations … like the ‘grotesque’ shown here. 

Grotesque – courtesy Pat Law

Take a stroll around Pat’s garden and you will see examples of his work. There are also functional pieces, like the planters, and other works of art. Here are a few examples for your delight and delectation!

Bacchus Planter

Pat with Tizer, his Patterdale terrier and detecting partner – Picture courtesy of Liz Law


My Special Gift – A Truly Hammered Coin!

In appreciation Pat carved a ‘King John’ twelve inch diameter coin specially for me. The inscription on the obverse reads JOHN THE SCRIBBLER and the ‘coin’ is uniface. 🙂

I love it  … my own unique work of art

Pictures courtesy of Johanna Winter

One of the problems was how to deliver the ‘coin’. Pat lives in northern Yorkshire; I’m in southern Buckinghamshire. Coming to the rescue was Stephen Robinson, Gaffer of the Northern Relic Hunters forum based in County Durham. He was bringing the family down south for a Warner Brothers studio tour of the Harry Potter films, and took time out to visit me. He even took a picture of me resting the masterpiece on my knees, as it was too heavy for me to hold!

Picture of JW courtesy of Stephen Robinson




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22 responses to The Unique Gift of a Hammered Coin

  1. Bruce D Campbhell 5th January 2017 at 12:20 AM

    John, you my friend, are one truly blessed SOB.
    Enjoy the rewards of friendship. John. They are well deserved.

  2. What a wonderful gift, a futuristic family heirloom from the past, (if that makes sense).

  3. Very nice John. I’m sure Lynda has already picked out a place in the garden….

  4. As they say here in Canada,”what goes around comes around”.
    Happy new Year!

  5. What an incredibly unique gift John .. certainly one of a kind.. You are blessed to have such a
    good friend[s] who appreciate you so much. When I first saw the title, I thought the obvious.

    In my mind, this is a much better more personal gift.

  6. I hope Pat signed the back for future generations to see. Looks good. Maybe a FLO will get to view it in the centuries to come.
    Reminds me of a special clock Sharon McKee just received in hospital.

  7. When I saw what you received, it was so much better than what your title led me to believe. You have touched so many hearts and minds with your writings, that gift was so deserving.

  8. Carl Hendrickson 5th January 2017 at 7:16 AM

    What a fantastic column….maybe one of the best.

  9. A wonderful gift by anyones standards, but the true gift is having so many people think so highly about you, all of which are deserved.

  10. Great piece of masonics. I’ll bet the postie loves ya!

    I see your article got an award – the MBE – (Mentioned in Barford’s Excrement)!

  11. An awesome gift for an awesome person from an awesome man our very own Pat.

  12. Thank you for all your kind comments.

  13. Well deserved John.

  14. Great article again JW and loved the portrait of you in Pats garden.

  15. You’re right about Pat I’m honoured to detect with him quite a few weekends in the year and away weekends he’s a pleasure to be associated with and he always wears shorts all year round brrrrrr

  16. Great post and an absolute pleasure to visit you and your lovely wife in Winter HQ.


  17. oh wow …what a wonderful gift and well presented and thought out

  18. What a stunning thoughtful personal gift – A real treasure – As said above well deserved – I would love to able to work in stone to such a high standard a very talented man

  19. What a fantastic thought .i would be over the moon with that ..what brilliant work that Pat does “stunning” wish i had that talent the bottle of Chardonnay left in the porch,i have your address i slipped up ,i would have enjoyed that …

  20. you couldn’t hope for anything more, what a treasure.

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