Fred’s First Foray

26th May 2017 — 15 Comments

As forecast, I wasn’t inundated with entries, but both of the three submissions (sic) were very good and the final choice of winner wasn’t easy. I have chosen JOHN RADFORD’S effort as the winner of John Brassey’s Book. Congratulations to him and also thanks to the others for their competition entries – and to John B, of course, for donating a copy of his super second novel.

From the extract below, John R imagined that he was the detectorist in the novel and has reported back to a detecting forum about the incident on the beach.

“As most of you know, I’m a complete newbie to this game so I thought I’d tell you about one of my first detecting days. Thanks again for all your advice given recently – there was much to digest! After a nice win on the horses, I thought I would treat myself to a Deus. You all seem to find lots with them – and I got a nice second hand one – as many of you suggested.

I also had some introduction cards printed by my nephew on his new computer. That was great idea from the PullTabGuy to also offer a free finding service.

I thought I’d try the local beach. After almost an hour on the sand, I’d found very little apart from ring pulls, cans, bottle tops, a few decimal pennies and then after much probing about, a new five pence coin almost a foot down!

I decided to call it a day when I came across a family frantically searching an area of sand. Apparently they were looking for Granddad’s hearing aid, which had escaped. After a quick introduction I offered to look for the darned thing; it would be a bit of practice.

I was astounded to dig up a couple of pound coins and a fifty pence piece. Obviously I had been searching the wrong area earlier. I could tell my ability impressed Granddad and also a few others who had stopped to watch.

After a short time, I recovered the lost hearing aid, gave it to Granddad with my compliments and also one of my introduction cards. He was over the moon and offered money, drinks and finally his gratitude as I refused the first two, told him it was all part of the free service. I asked if he knew of any farmers who would be amenable to accepting a lone detectorist on their land, to get in touch with me.

At first he looked askance with a far away look in his eyes and I thought that the request had fallen on deaf ears – if you pardon the pun. Then a broad smile spread slowly across his face and he began to laugh which made me feel quite nervous.

I was about to turn and head back to my car when he told me that he owned Manor Farm at the end of the village near the Church. He didn’t think there would be anything worth finding there but I was welcome to go and detect anytime!

I will never forget the day I came to the aid of the aid.”

If you have read the book, why not do a customer review on Amazon?


This blog post will be my last for the foreseeable future. I have hit the buffers and don’t have much more to say. Need a break. Thank you to those of you who have encouraged and humoured me along the way. Will probably be back soon …


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15 responses to Fred’s First Foray

  1. Well John another great post but sadly in the small print is your declaration to hang up your pen.
    We go back many years now and we have given each other inspiration to contribute one way or another to this great metal detecting hobby of ours and I for one will miss your scribblings.
    Enjoy the rest.

  2. Wow, very pleased to win John’s book.
    Thank you John for organising the competition, the other entrants and a big thank you to John Brassey for his book. I very much look forward to reading it.
    Crikey, I sound like an Oscar winner!

    • Thanks for your competition entry, John.
      Enjoy the book. John tells me that your prize is in the post.

      If anybody reads and enjoys the book, a very brief review on Amazon can really help.

  3. A well earned rest JW

  4. A super effort Hedgehunter and congratulations on winning the book.

    John, I’m sorry to hear that you are hanging up your pen and not writing your blogs.

    I hope that they return after you’ve had a break. Thanks for all of the previous blogs.

  5. I hope to read more from you in the future John. I will keep sending Facebook links that i think may keep you amused.
    When i read the Manor Farm name it reminded me of Shaun the sheep for some reason.

  6. Bruce D Campbell 26th May 2017 at 2:55 PM

    I, I had wondered recently about you and your blog.
    You have been a staple on the Canadian Metal detecting forum far longer than I have been. I can fully understand the need to take a break my friend. Recharge those batteries and regenerate the grey matter. Hopefully your hiatus is a short one.

  7. Take it easy and relax John…you have earned it


  8. take time out john you will be back

  9. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 26th May 2017 at 9:06 PM

    Go on admit it John, you’ve found a secret hoard and want to keep it for yourself?

    I can’t wait to hear the stories that will follow. LOL…

    Enjoy the break.

  10. Come on back John….now.

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