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12th July 2017 — 15 Comments


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15 responses to The Multi-Talented Mr. Crook

  1. i love you, ha ha now i no there is to be another series thank you thank you thank you john you have made my day

  2. Bruce D Campbell 12th July 2017 at 2:21 AM

    You did a fine job in the original 2014 interview John.
    Fast forward to today and it seems that all of those naysayers are now fans.

  3. Looking forward to the new series.

  4. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 12th July 2017 at 4:37 AM

    John this is by far the best television series I think I’ve ever watched.

    The characters are spot on (though Becky is a little over the top for my liking), the story line quirky and interesting, and the Johnny Flynn intro is fantastic.

    I’m quite pleased to hear that there is another season coming.

    If Mackenzie ever needs a Canadian detectorist to join his show, pass my name along will you. LOL…..

    • I’m averaging two requests every day from people who wish to meet him.

      “Can you put me in touch John … supply his ‘phone number, … tell him I’ll take him detecting,” etcetera. Mack is very busy filming at the moment!

      • John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 14th July 2017 at 2:51 AM

        Oh I’m not in the least bit surprised. LOL…….

        I’ve never been “starstruck”, but I do like this show.

        In fact I caught my wife secretly watching it one day (she has no interest in metal detecting), and she agreed that you don’t have to be into metal detecting at all to enjoy the show.

        Looking forward to the new episodes.

  5. I well remember reading this one, which showed promise of what was to come.
    Neither of you let us down, thank you.

  6. Please John no more Des O’Connor

  7. They are filming it here in Framlingham as I write. I’ve got my copy of The Searcher with Toby and MacKenzie on the cover with me in case I spot them. An autographed copy will make a nice souvenir for a Detectorist living in the series’ location.

  8. So pleased that there is to be another series John, it’s super to watch. When it’s on, my wife keeps asking me what I’m laughing at, I laugh at the things that only a detectorist would understand.

    It’s the little things that you see in yourself through your experiences.

    Thanks for the blog John and that’s a cracking photo of yourself and Mackenzie.


  9. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at. The story lines certainly ring a bell about me and other detectorists I know!! Role on series three.

  10. Superb. Genius! A perfect blend of quirkiness, humour and pathos with a great mix of characters and a decent story line.

    Great to see what I consider to be genuine old fashioned ‘British’ humour at it’s very best.

    Thank you for The Detectorists – I just love it. Brilliant music too!


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