A Free Deus Doodad From Don

5th August 2017 — 14 Comments

Detectorists are a dab hand at taking a product and improving upon the original, whether it be a device for protecting the machine when placing it on the ground, or an improved control cover. In my time I have seen so many enhancements done by individuals, but one name in the ‘after market’ business stands out.


In May 2015 I introduced American Don Botting, gaffer and genius at Detecting Doodads. At the time I was giving away pinpointer 3D Tether Rings and Magnifiers in a little competition and this is said:

Don has been an avid metal detectorist for the last six years and a techno-geek for the last 30 years. Combining his engineering, design and manufacturing skills with his passion for metal detecting has resulted in useful products he can now make for you to use and enjoy as well.

Don won’t thank me. but here’s little publicity shot I didn’t use at the time.

© Don Botting


There’s no doubting that the Deus is a fantastic machine, but it does have a weakness in the clip supplied to charge the coil. See full details, video and full instructions here. See what Don says on his site. I emphasise these points:

No more weak spring pins that bend or break.
No plastic springs to break.
This clip locates firmly on seven solid coil surfaces to provide rock solid contact.
This clip does not protrude below the bottom of the coil, meaning it will not pop off when you set the coil down.

What is included:
Just the best coil charging clip on the market.
No cables, coils, or anything else comes with this clip.

Don is at the forefront producing unique detecting accessories that are innovative, durable and attractive … if YOU have a Deus, and live in the UK, then you can own one of these chargers.

How to Win a Charger in my Free Prize Draw

MeI won’t waffle on a moment more. Go along to Don’s Detecting Doodads website if you haven’t already checked it out, and see more on this and also other products Don has to offer. Don has kindly supplied me with a couple of clips to give away.

To qualify all you have to be is a subscriber (new or old) to my blog – potential new members can sign up top right. If you’d like the opportunity of owning one of these unique items click on CONTACT me at the very top of the page. Complete your NAME, EMAIL and in the COMMENT box write the subject CHARGER and give YOUR BLOG NAME if different, then submit. That’s all. I shall use a random number generator to choose the winners. Good luck.



end of play SATURDAY 19 AUGUST


Don tells me that this clip is NOT suitable for the new Deus high frequency elliptical coil. I repeat … The current design will not work on the new coil as XP has added a feature (bump) on the coil near the contacts. Now, I wonder why XP have done that?



1-Sandra Shaw 2-Steve Davis 3-Dwayne Joleun 4-Mark Bingham 5-Haydn Thomas 6-John Vann 7-Stephen Robinson 8-Iwan Parry 9-Dave Baverstock 10-Roger Thomas 11-Malcolm Potter 12-David Mann 13-David Spencer 14-Jeremy Roberts 15-Alistair Milne 16-Keith Gosden 17-Peter Walsh 18 -Ian Compston


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14 responses to A Free Deus Doodad From Don

  1. What a great item for us Deus users John… I have thought of getting a spare charging clip because, as you say and we know, the standard Deus clip is a bear to use.

    Many thanks


  2. I can remember many moons ago when I had a Garretts Grandmaster Hunter that I had a problem breaking headphone cable jacks because of the position of the socket and I suggested that the socket be moved, so that it wasn’t constantly being knocked by the for right hander’s legs. Charles Garrett kindly responded thanking me for the suggestion and sending a signed copy of one of his books.

  3. Not at all familiar with the Deus (when are you going to give one away) but does this gizmo “stay” on the coil?

  4. Had seen these whilst searching for something more substantial to charge the deus. My current charger is held together with Sugru mouldable glue since it died a year ago. This has kept it alive and working but for how long…..?

  5. john stokes (old git john 6th August 2017 at 11:12 AM

    If only I had a Deus, donated to me by XP, or even Searcher.

  6. This clip is great on the later versions of Deus coils ( NOT high frequency ones ) because they have larger contacts. My earlier 9″ coil has small contacts and the clip does seem to work with this

  7. One of my fellow Herts & District club members John Walsingham has been producing a similar charging frame for a few years now. Most of our club members use them & I have had mine a couple of years with no problems whatsoever, far superior & more reliable than the Deus charging clip. It may be worth checking on John’s Facebook page as I believe his version is a cheaper option

  8. Looks like a sensible improvement that you could use all DOODAD DOODAD DAY!

  9. What a superb idea, if I was a Deus owner I would certainly be looking to own one of those.

    If I was lucky enough to win one, I would definitely ensure that it went to a good home.

    Best of luck everyone.


  10. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 8th August 2017 at 4:24 AM

    Hey Gos……….all I can say is Groan……LOL.

    Well that looks like a neat little gadget John, I hadn’t seen one of them before.

    Think I shall check out Don’s site, who know what else I may find.

  11. Dons products are second to none! I have personally used and tested every Xp product he has made. Each and every pr Duct is top of the line and backed by his superb customer service as warranty. I’m a firm believer in detecting doodads products and will continue to use and support his ideas! Don is absolutely one of the best guys I’ve met in the detecting world and one of my best metal detecting friends!

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