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30th September 2017 — 39 Comments

If you are an easily offended detectorist/videographer I suggest that you give this blog a miss … go and make a coffee … or summat.

Does anyone agree with me that 95% of videos made by detectorists whilst on a dig are crap and not worth watching? They fail to engage with the audience. Gone are the days when a day’s detecting meant carrying no more than a machine of your choice, a spade and wearing sturdy boots. Today, it is essential that you kit yourself out like a failed documentary maker and record every button and buckle for your legion of followers to drool over. Make your bliddy mind up. Are you a metal detectorist or a videographer?

I especially dislike the ones with a five minute professionally produced introduction with letters flying everywhere, slick graphics, and stirring music followed by an amateurish and boring record of a typical day out detecting. Before I boycotted all such videos, I was rather surprised that very few I did watch had no plot, no reason for existing, no entertainment value and were a complete waste of my time … except for the likes of the blonde American clash cow Diggin Britt who manages to reveal all whilst finding nothing! But reasonable entertainment if you like that sort of thing. She has over 85,000 subscribers and for those willing she charges $25 per month for ‘special’ videos. She’s not daft. “Hi y’all”.

This video has been removed by JW. I’m sure you can find this sort of trash without my help! 🙂

A TYPICAL DETECTORIST PRODUCTION has an inaudible ‘commentary’ or a screeching and moaning of wind down the microphone often accompany shaky, nausea-inducing footage. Or both. If you listen carefully you might just catch the hapless detectorist apologising for his/her inadequate production.

If you are thinking about going down this road, let me give you some advice. Don’t forget to foster a gimmick. YOU are more important than the metal detecting, which tends to get in the way. Always act as though you are sixpence short of a shilling, practice making gurning faces in front of a mirror and talk in a funny voice. Failing that, always wear a funny hat or wear unusual apparel like loud shirts (or no shirt) and brightly coloured over-sized glasses. Go on – make a spectacle of yourself! Acting normal won’t make you an Internet sensation. Doing ALL of those things will ensure that you go viral in no time at all!

I prefaced this outburst by talking about most of the videos I have seen. But there are some (very few) out there that are worth watching. Productions by established detectorists who have real knowledge to share can be very useful. They KNOW what they are talking about and are a great help to newcomers to the hobby. Alas. You will have to learn how to discriminate and watch a load of crap before you find the treasure. Bit like metal detecting, really! 

My first selfie … in retrospect, wished I’d combed my hair 🙂

This picture is included so that people who are easily offended can print it out, stick it on the door and use to practice their skill at throwing darts!


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39 responses to Metal Detecting Videos

  1. “She has over 85,000 subscribers and for those willing she charges $25 per month for ‘special’ videos. She’s not daft. “Hi y’all”…

    Well, at least she has a gimmick.. LOL,,

    And like you, John, I too get bored very quickly in watching videos.. if I watch them at ball. There are one or two [quite literally] who I do watch. They are well done, and exceptionally interesting. Not all finds are spectacular. They are more ‘real’, if I may use that term.

    Basically, I can relate to it.

    Best as always to you


  2. Well done it needed saying, they don,t know what they have found most of the time .the recent big rally’s were awash with the look at me cult and retailers giving away signed photos ,would you allow these on your land.? And how long will paying landowners big sums last.? The searcher needs to remember when promoting these things

  3. Ha ha. Brilliant again John! Got to love ya!
    Keep it up. This sums up most of my vids lol. Although I have dropped the title intro and music, as I too began to find them onerous. But it’s fun to do and some people like them. It’s a very easy choice, watch or don’t watch.
    Take care and best wishes David Frew

  4. You couldn’t have said it better other than to add it helps to be female, attractive and be able to giggle.

    PS: Do you know if Britt accepts Master Card?

  5. Another excellent posting from John.

    The trouble is some folks have a need to be loved and noticed.

    They also want to show the world how clever they are by drawing attention to themselves.

    Of course there are some good professional videos out there and we can all learn something from watching them.

    Keep up the good work John and Iam sorry that I missed seeing you at this years Detectival 17.

    Lets hope we can both make it next year. Jerry.

    • Thank you Jerry … next year, God willing?

      Certain people are taking umbrage to this blog post.
      Are they missing the penultimate paragraph (in green) or have they had a humorectomy?
      Maybe too close for comfort for some.

  6. Well, Something definitely did happen to you hair prior to the selfie John. 🙂
    Couldn’t agree more regarding the youtube videos though. Most of those guys find more in one outing than I have all year and the camera is usually pointing somewhere other than the ground as they retrieve their target.

  7. Oh how true John, I am much like yourself in disliking most of the video rubbish which is pouring out. Some of the guys I associate with who turn to this attention seeking dilemma will vouch for how I am straight to the point and ask them why do they have to waste their time turning out such piffle which is immediately recognised by the more experienced detecting brethren as having no informative value to neither the more knowledgeable or the new starters.
    When I go on the field I would rather portray myself as an old fashioned metal detectorist and not a make believe film star, I much prefer keeping a low profile.

    • Could it be an AGE thing?
      Could my blog also be be likened to this seeking for attention? We all like too be liked (except Barford).

      I’ve been keeping a blog since 2010 and I think that’s the first time I’ve pasted my picture (apart from the banner). Ummm … regret it now.

  8. Self important, self opinionated …. hey look at me i made a video, yep you summed it up nicely once again, thanks for a decent read.

  9. A great Blog John,

    I for one would much prefer to have 8-10 photographs of their finds, instead of some of these nauseating out of focus videos. And whilst being of little interest.

    The bits that may be of interest are always spoiled by the wind howling down the microphone.

    I would much prefer just to read a thread and look at some photographs than watch crappy videos made by somebody who must have got a child’s bodycam for Christmas

  10. I guess it was “ Diggin Britt” who was linked on a post on our Australian forum last year. Surprisingly someone complained and we ( the mods) had to remove it. I have just commenced the latest Searcher and was amused by one of the first stories. It mentioned many forum names and the finder must have been posting pictures with each spade full dug. I am too far from an exchange to get internet by cable so our home service only has 8Gb/month. Not enough to watch video’s as our Apple gear uses around half in updates. John W. will know the forum name Willo. He has put me on a couple of short clips. Just quick, Dig a hole and show the gold without drawn out commentary. I see more and more remarks on English sites about the celebrity detectorist. Some are down to earth and deserve to be famous because of their finds but most leave me unimpressed .

  11. Curious. Who was the first tekkie to take videos of their “in the field” experiences? I mean who was it that decided others would want to watch “them” dig a coin, button, whatever? Kinda pretentious wouldn’t you say?

    • Nothing wrong with joe soap getting his 5 mins of fame.
      Hurts nobody even if the fame is in his own eyes and mind only.
      Sure enough most videos are crap but so are most blogs cough not yours john we all know yours is a well of information.
      I do think its best to let the pretty women make metal detecting videos just to add that bit of encouragement to take part in the hobby.


    • Dick – when we find out, I will write about him.

  12. At last, somebody with the balls to say it. Yes Mr. Winter, you are totally correct, most really are complete crap. As others have said, there are very good videos out there, produced by folk who actually know what they are doing. I know onw who thrives on Mrs W’s biscuits, his are very good.
    Thanks for brightening my day.

    • John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 13th October 2017 at 5:06 AM

      I was just introduced to said biscuits on my trip to the U.K., and oh my god are they ever good! LOL…

      The dark chocolate coated ones appear to be harder to get, but are equally as tasty!

      I know his merchandise is pretty good, so I’m guessing his videos are of similar quality?

  13. Thanks mate, it is about time someone spoke up about this garbage. I once commented on a metal detecting forum about this very subject and was met by a very stony silence. Well at least I didn’t get abused.

  14. Wise words Mr Winter……. wise words….. I agree 100% !!

  15. Hi John can MDing been filmed???is it fun to watch i am not sure….Skateboard,Surfing session,motorcross and many more yes but metal detecting????
    i had a few ideas to film some new gear been tested but will it happen maybe yes but on a road trip form.Sending you a link right now.

  16. Had a good giggle JW and printed out the photo to keep the kids from the fire 🙂
    As usual your observations do create a narration and interest. Keep it up.


  17. So you really do look like your avatar. I thought it was just a gimmick.

  18. Never watch them John but hasn’t The Searcher recently launched a video channel?

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more John! Most are poorly executed in respect to sound control and those that last for 20 minutes could be edited down to 5 minutes. The number of videos that appear across a range of groups by individuals who never post in a normal fashion are to say the least annoying. Is it a money reward or just a personal ego I don’t know, but what I do know is that a large amount proves that they will never become a Cecil B. deMilles!

  20. On most of them I would like to see them, upon getting a signal, lay down their detector and pick up a beginner or mid-range detector. They could then swing over the target and show that 99.9 per-cent of the time they would have found the target with such. But… they would probably claim that it only happens when they are making a video. 🙂

  21. loved this John, so made me chuckle, and I always wonder how many hours people sit and watch some of the cack on you tube, more time than I have lol

  22. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 13th October 2017 at 5:12 AM

    John that is a really funny comment about the big breasted girl, and I knew straight away who you were taking about without even knowing her name.

    I started watching one of her videos last winter, and within seconds knew what the gimmick was all about.

    However in the interest of fairness I watched several more……with the lights dimmed, just to make sure I could follow along with the concept. LOL…..

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