Reprise of the Year – Part 1

29th December 2017 — 21 Comments

I’ve looked at my writing output over the last year, especially the blog, and am staggered by the range of subjects, the majority connected in some way with the hobby – or ‘sport’ if you are a Garrett fan – of detecting. Where did all that tsunami of words come from?

I have always tried to write in an informative, enlightened and entertaining way, so that the detectorist will find something of interest, but the only ‘feedback’ is the number of subscribers and the comments some of them leave.

Writing this review is a cop-out, a way of avoiding what I should be doing, and that is composing something new. What follows is some of my highlights from the first half of 2017.


The year started on a high when I received a very special ‘hammered’ coin from my friend Pat Law, one that brought tears to my eyes. As I said at the time, ‘I will keep you in suspenders and reveal what it was at the end of the blog post.’ You can read the original HERE.

Picture courtesy of Jo Winter (daughter )

My blog is read all over the world and I was pleased when I was contacted by a researcher at Stanford University asking if he could use images and information from my blog. See how a common detectorist find is helping research by reading THIS.

At the end of the month I did a spot of ‘Dirty Detecting’, and reprised an article on mudlarking on the Thames foreshore. Hidden in the thick, foul-smelling mud of the Thames is one of Britain’s most important archaeological resources … and I told the story of the Thames Mudlarks.


Throughout the year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds newly popular words to its lineup, and in 2016 it introduced over 1000, including phrases, many of which originated and were made popular online. In 2013 The ‘word of the year was ‘selfie’. Read about the word Jim Patterson invented.

A cold case was solved this month. Dave-in-Oz, put me on the right track in an update to a story about a seal matrix I’d found. I’d never known the meaning of the legend ‘SHOULD THIS MEET YOUR EYE. All was revealed.

© John Winter


My blog on the 4 March was devoted to Micheal Rawlins, a Canadian detectorist and avid collector of military artefacts. In this post I highlighted some of his military badges.

43rd Battalion the Camerons – © MR

‘Swiss Rolly’ made a guest post later in the month in which he described his technique for cleaning coins … when he was a junior school. Read it to see how this school wall picture below was an integral part of the process!

© Roland


I brought you some breaking news on April 1st all about a remarkable sword found in one of the remoter parts of Wales … unfortunately I was accused of promoting fake news and was misbelieved by some!

At the end of the month I preface my blog by saying:

Younger detectorists will probably only know Richard Hattatt by a reference to him when they come to record their find on a database, but his contribution to the hobby cannot be underestimated.

Picture courtesy of Live Auctioneers


Many detectorists will no doubt view the complex geometric forms made from coins notched and joined together as another kind of oddity. But what artist Robert Wechsler has done is to assemble an incredible assortment of ‘sculptures’ using pound coins, pennies and dimes and also coins from other countries.

© By permission of Robert Wechsler


In June I took a little ‘holiday’.



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21 responses to Reprise of the Year – Part 1

  1. in june I took a little holiday ….that made me laugh John ….how dare you take a holiday lol …you do us proud with your scribbles john …may they continue for many years to come

  2. I have always enjoyed your scribblings John and although I don’t leave many replies here I do reply to all of them on the Canadian metal detecting forum.
    Even though we don’t see eye to eye on the “palm shots”

  3. It would be a boring world if we agreed on everything.
    When considering for publication, the hand is usually removed … meaning more work.

    The security services have a field day collecting all the biometric data!

  4. John,
    Although I don’t often leave comments, I do enjoy your written stories about the hobby.
    Keep the efforts up and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018.

    Regards + HH


  5. I try to leave comments both here and on our forum John.. and even though I ‘wiped you out’, , as it were on your last foray into the CMD, I am leased that you managed to find your way back.. 🙂

    And as you know, I always enjoy your posts my friend.. still so much to learn


  6. My computer is still giving me major headaches …

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  7. John, your a master of the art of talking bollox, hope it continues my friend .
    Merry Christmas and the very best for 2018 .
    Give lady L my love.

  8. you keep it real and bring us touching stories and genuine insights into the field of detecting. Looking forward to more in 2018. BTW, your invaluable assist this year on id’ing the jeton was greatly appreciated.

  9. Thanks for another year of your blog , Its always been worth a read and I learn something new from every post.

  10. Such fulsome praise from David and Marty.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for all your scribblings thru the year. I always enjoy reading them, look forward to seeing what you ramble on about in the New Year!!
      Happy New Year.

  11. That was a fine Winter’s Tale (part 1) John. Here’s to part 2 and your scribblings through 2018! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  12. Thanks Liz and Seagoon.

  13. Thank you for another enthralling year of blogs. They light up my day. A happy, healthy and successful 2018 to you and all the wonderful mud-grubbers who read you.

  14. MUD GRUBBERS. That’s a new one on me. Karen.
    I like it!

  15. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 5th January 2018 at 5:00 AM

    John as usual I am late to replying, but 2017 has been my most memorable year of metal detecting and part of that is down to you.

    We Canucks certainly don’t have that long of a history, ergo the finds, so reading about what your other subscribers find is always most entertaining.

    I look forward to seeing what musings 2018 brings you this year.

    All the best.

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