The Special Edition Detectorists’ iPhone

15th January 2018 — 23 Comments

The latest news is that Apple has intentionally restricted the performance of its iPhone with software ‘upgrades’ and tried to hide this fact from customers.

This is not the first time Apple has been accused of deliberately throttling the performance of older phones, of course. But the good news is that the special edition iPhone I produced a few years ago is immune to most of the problems, even though it now needs updating. Please note … the personal assistant Siri doesn’t make an appearance on this model.



Please contact me if you have suggestions for improvement. Apps from top left. PHOTOS is one application that I will definitely keep. A couple of taps and the picture of your latest star found will wind its way to Facebook or your picture folder. So easy!

The STATER LOCATOR was innovative for its time, and remains so today. Simply click the App then scan the field with the phone: i.e. wave it in front of your face. Effective at up to 100m. You may be wondering how all this works, and the answer lies in the soil, but is my secret. All kinds of gold will be located, not just Celtic staters. The results are safe and efficient with a 99% accuracy. I don’t wish major manufactures to steal my idea, but soils are quickly and efficiently sampled. Using this App and getting a negative result means that you can move on to more productive pastures.

Do we need CLOCK THIS ONE? Knowing the time is always useful, especially if you’ve arranged to meet your detecting partner in an hour. Also comes with an alarm to remind you that the chuck wagon curry is about to be served,.

GET YOU HOME will supply a road map enabling you to get you to the site … and directions for returning home. Goodbye Tom … Tom.

The CRAP FIELD App was never very useful, developed problems and was unreliable. In fact it was a pale imitation of the Stater Locater. Definitely one for chop, but what do we replace it with?

Once you safely stashed away your find and covered the hole, don’t forget to take a GPS reading with FIND SPOT. You may need the information later!


I based my original design on the iPhone 4s and you will notice that the screen shown left was able to show far more applications than the 12 shown in my example above. The explanation is simple. In a survey of detectorist wants and needs it became clear that they preferred fewer  applications and ones that they really needed.

It also transpired that older detectorists also welcomed larger buttons because it was easier to cope when stabbing them with gnarled and arthritic digits.

Surprisingly, this was also the preference of younger swingers who preferred not to take off their gloves when using the iPhone.

The application NEAREST PUB needs little explanation and will remain in any upgrade. I’ve found that, in operation, in the field INSTANT COIN ID’S (in conjunction with Photos) and EXPERT ADVICE do very much the same; they can perhaps be amalgamated into one. Please be aware there may be a delay when asking for Expert Advice as most experts are detecting themselves or are down the pub having a drink.

So, there you go. Please let me know what you’d like to see on the new iPhone and I promise to give your idea/s my full attention.


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23 responses to The Special Edition Detectorists’ iPhone

  1. “It also transpired that older detectorists also welcomed larger buttons because it was easier to cope when stabbing them with gnarled and arthritic digits”….hmm,yes indeed.

    Love this phone John. Well thought out. If it ever comes to fruition let me know. I may want one..

  2. John, I suggest an INTERNATIONAL version for everyone not in the U.K. Since the stater is not commonly found in North America, I suggest it be changed to GOLD, for rings, coins and nuggets, as these are found world wide. If and when the version is available give me a ring(gold).
    John K.

  3. What a brilliant idea, makes good sense and will enable me to sell more. Thanks John.

  4. Will this work in an android application, John?? LOL.. And maybe a ‘military app’ for it as well…

    And then have sub-directories with ‘hat badge’, ‘collar tab’, ‘shoulder flash’, ‘sweetheart pin’, ‘trench art’, etc..


    • Goodness … I’m gonna have to go back to the drawing board. Everything is possible Micheal. 🙂

      Had a word with my sponsors and they say that Android is no-go. Sorry.

  5. A shortcut to ” The Seacher” for those days when we get rained out.
    (not a common occurrence here in Oz )

  6. > Please let me know what you’d like to see on the new iPhone and I promise to give your idea/s my full attention.<
    I cannot find the text there of the revised Code of Practice or the "Contact my FLO" app.

    • A reasonable suggestion and if an app is adopted it would perhaps also have farmer’s, wife or partner’s name, etcetera. These would normally be in the ‘phone anyway. Thanks for your input. The Code of Practice is a good idea though.

  7. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 15th January 2018 at 5:04 AM

    Nary a day goes by when we are asked which is the best metal detector, I think your definitive phone should have this app.

    There should also be the Braggadocio app. Why waste time typing up a post, just upload your picture and let a random cocky response be filled in.

    Oh and a pinpointer app. Just wave your phone above your hole, and it will detect metal up to 2′ down.

    Wait……..can me get commissions on these ideas?? LOL…….

  8. Love the phone John, but I think you need a “Permissions” app, especially on your side of the ocean. Lol Dwayne

  9. have you upgraded the photo ap yet john so it doesn’t allow coin in ya palm photos

  10. NFG app missing on newer models 🙂

  11. Might be helpful to have an app that identifies any other detectorists on your permission…and allows you to send an electromagnetic wave to destroy their phones. Is that too harsh?

  12. What about a John Winter’s Blog button pray tell?? I realise you’d be too modest to suggest that…

    • Interesting.

      In other places it has been suggested that a block be put on the blog. I’m sure that they were speaking in jest …

      or were they?

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