A Cliché – Walking Back to the Car – and a Pair of Balls

16th March 2018 — 11 Comments


A short piece I wrote in 2011 has re-surfaced, tickled my fancy and I’d like to share it with you cos’ it’s worth reading again. Back then I was an active detectorist and my musings were about the well-known cliché … you know the one …

It seems that 8 out of 10 stories I edit end by saying something to the effect that the writer was finishing for the day and when returning to the car had a strong signal that just happened to be a gold coin or some other great and unexpected find. After pooh-poohing such a notion and sometimes inwardly groaning, I now have to eat my words and grovel for absolution.

When detecting in Cambridgeshire I actually found something significant whilst walking back to the car and swinging my machine in such a way that told any onlooker that I was fed up with the lack of finds.

I was already making excuses in my mind to spout if anyone asked if I had found anything . . . Nothing on these fields . . . detector playing up . . . stubble too high. You’ve heard them all before!

Then it happened – a positive signal and a cut half voluntarily gave itself up. I was astounded. No, I was bloody amazed! A fellow detectorist with a greater understanding than me produced his eyeglass, examined the coin carefully and said with great authority that it was a HENRY III Voided Long Cross Cut Half AND the moneyer was NICOLE. I agreed. That makes it 1248-50 then. I was grateful.

The coin has now been recorded on the United Kingdom Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) – exceptional quick and efficient service – and given the Reference No. 32803. Validator Rod Blunt determined the mint as Winchester and given a more accurate date. The blog has been changed and my original date guesstimate reflects that. Thanks to Rod and the UKDFD!

Henry III class cut 2 or class 3 cut long cross halfpenny of Winchester.



Changes have been made to the blog post on CLICKERS



I always suspected that the English had bigger musket balls than the French. This newspaper cutting re archaeologists and what they ‘believe’ proves it for me. Well … almost! The English muskets were higher calibre so it figures. A reasonable conclusion.


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11 responses to A Cliché – Walking Back to the Car – and a Pair of Balls

  1. billfromlachine 16th March 2018 at 12:47 AM


    I believe just about anyone who has detected for a long time has experienced something similar at one time or another. I was going to say awesome find but I know how much you dislike that term….lol. So I’ll just say well done instead.

    Regards + HH


  2. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 16th March 2018 at 2:49 AM

    Well I’m certainly not falling into the same trap that Bill did, so I’m going to use a different A word…….no not that one, but rather Astounding find!

    Does the finder of such great items get recognized in the UKDFD as well John, or just the find itself?

    As for finding something great on the way back to the car……….heck, I’m just happy I’ve found my car! LOL….

    • Regarding UKDFD, I don’t know now that then site has been re-vamped. I have just tried to check, but come up with a 404 error when trying to access my own records. Will try later.

      • billfromlachine 16th March 2018 at 10:45 AM

        I tried recently also and appears the site is getting overhauled and not operational at the moment.

        Regards + HH


  3. John, you a disbeliever ? NEVER !
    I must admit such a thing has never happened to me, but, the other funny one has, several times over the years. The one where, something in your mind suddenly says take a step to the right, or left, and then continue in the line you were on, but that tiny bit to one side or t’other, and finding something which you would have missed.
    Thanks for the story.

  4. A bit of a French theme today, Jean… Clichés, cri-cris et Napoleon’s balls… Et pourquois pas?! Very nice little find tho.’.. nicely dug! Or should that be bien creusé!? Was it a Renault Cliché you were walking back to when you found it..? Cheers John! And thanks for the sole comment-cum-tutorial yesterday!

  5. The French Connection hadn’t dawned on me!
    Your observations are très bien!

  6. last week I was making my way back to the car and out popped a cut half short x …normally I cant find me way back to the car let alone find something on the way back to it lol

  7. I’ve never found anything on my way back to the car but I believe people often do

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