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Lance and the Exhibit

Before the first episode of the Bafta winning sitcom, Detectorists, was aired in 2014, I helped out by providing some of the props. Indeed, some of you also answered the production company’s call for help. We provided items for an Open Night night at the Danebury MDC, when one of the chief exhibits was a table showing Ring Pulls Through the Ages.

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How the hobby of metal detecting can improve the quality of life and care for dementia patients

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The Doddershall Ring

22nd January 2018 — 20 Comments



The Intriguing Story of a Remarkable Find

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Launch of the new UKDFD

20th January 2018 — 24 Comments


Yesterday Gary Brun, on behalf of the UKDFD Team, announced the launch of the new United Kingdom Detector Finds Database (UKDFD). This is what he had to say:

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The latest news is that Apple has intentionally restricted the performance of its iPhone with software ‘upgrades’ and tried to hide this fact from customers.

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Don’t get excited. There’s little Comfort in what follows

Many like-minded people understand plain English as something that the intended audience can read, understand and act upon the first time they read it. I must admit that I have difficulty in fully comprehending the avalanche of words springing from the keyboard of a blogger based in Poland. He infers that I fail to understand his obtuse outpourings because of poor literary skills. Maybe so.

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Detectorists Don’t Argue

5th January 2018 — 14 Comments

Sometimes detectorists may discover artefacts that revive dormant memories and remind them of past times. So it is with me. Nostalgia is also the bread and butter of the magazine Best of British, one that I have contributed to on several occasions. Detectorists’ finds are often a source of inspiration for my blog.

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Winter Tales 2

1st January 2018 — 21 Comments


When I started the blog in 2011 this was one of my first posts, subsequently lost. The original was composed in 2007 by Rod Blunt of the UKDFD. In 10 years little has changed … time for a reprise, I think! SEE HERE.

‘And still as valid today as on the day it was written’John Brassey

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