John Cummings

6 January 2017 — 22 Comments


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I was fortunate to receive several Christmas gifts, several which surprised and pleased me. One was a bottle of Chardonnay left in the porch, wrapped up in festive guise, and wishing Mrs John and me a ‘Happy Christmas’. The sender was anonymous apart from a single letter with a kiss and an enigmatic tally that read: Remembering with fondness old friends. Still trying to work out the kind philanthropist, but the gift was graciously received!

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I have an idea, but as I’m writing this in that eerie interval between Christmas and New Year, I’m not sure whether I’ll achieve my goal. Let’s see how it pans out now that the grandchildren have left, the recycling is overflowing with torn wrapping paper, the cupboards are full of leftovers and food specially bought for Christmas that will never be eaten. I estimate that I have enough fancy cheeses and bottles of Pinot to last until the middle of March. And now I’m unwinding by composing a blog post!

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Linda and Sally

One of my overseas subscribers suggested that I should retell stories I have written in the past. I often use snippets of articles in my blog, but they are usually edited to suit the format. Magazine articles are sometimes rather long. I prefer my blog to be relatively short and pithy! However, on this festive occasion, I have chosen a story first written nearly ten years ago in 2007. Lots of pictures! Settle down in your favourite space and enjoy! It’s a long ‘un.

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It’s always a pleasure to write about the success of the ‘rookie’ detectorist, the first time guy who discovers something magnificent after a few weeks – or just days – searching. I think the last one I highlighted in my scribblings was David Booth who found four Iron Age torcs in a Stirlingshire field. This was a magnificent find and even more remarkable when we realise that the hoard was found with a so-called entry-level detector, the Garrett Ace 250!

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The first time I came across the coin known as a ducat was after reading Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. The play begins with the loan of 3000 ducats made by the moneylender Shylock to Antonio. That was a substantial amount of money in Elizabethan England, and each coin would be worth over £100 today, but prices vary.

The ducat was a gold or silver coin used as a trade coin in Europe from the later medieval centuries until as late as the 20th century. Many types of ducats had various metallic content and purchasing power throughout the period.

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Does My Breath Smell?

7 December 2016 — 23 Comments

Does my Breath Smell?

459131354-www-wpclipart-com-plants-flowers-no-name-wilting-flower-png-html-2dpr7a-clipartThe pesky pedant’s answer of course is, “What you mean to ask is, does my breath stink?” We’ve all found ourselves chatting with someone whose breath could easily wilt a flower. According to a recent study up to 50% of people suffer with foul mouth odours at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of wilted flowers!

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Competition Winner

3 December 2016 — 18 Comments

winnerI am pleased to announce that the winner of my recent competition was …


a moderator on the Canadian Metal Detecting Forum

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A Flight of Fancy

30 November 2016 — 12 Comments

ia-psychic-night-out-708x288n a couple of places on my blog (now three) you will find the statement, “You will find regular posts about metal detecting matters on here, but perhaps the approach is different to what you might expect; I will occasionally talk about other subjects that take my fancy.” This, I suppose, is one of those occasions.

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Competition Time!

26 November 2016 — 88 Comments

win-copyIt seems ages since I tempted you with a little competition. I have discovered a pair of pocket digital scales that I used when I was an active detectorist, but are now surplus to requirements. Yes, they are relatively cheap, second-hand ‘pre-loved’ to my friends across the Pond, but still very reliable. I will also add a little extra, but more about this later.


Winner announcement HERE

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