A Button Apology

6th June 2019 — 8 Comments


Picture Courtesy of Joe Tilt

‘Just a button’ is how Joe Tilt described one of his recent finds when writing on a detecting forum. In a way he was apologising to the members for ‘only’ finding a button. There was no need. His find was much more interesting than a hammered coin or Roman brooch where information is sparse or non-existent. The humble button spoke volumes and told us a lot about our recent social history.

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Today I am unashamedly pandering to my Canadian friends to whom I owe so much, but also hope that all my subscribers find the blog post interesting. Creep!

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Bloody Passwords

27th May 2019 — 13 Comments

Few words fill me with more dread than, “Please enter your username and password.”

Like many of you, I have my computer set to remember all of login credentials, so why is it when I get the occasional request to re-enter the username and password details, I draw a blank? Far too many times, I enter the information I think is correct, only to get that annoying red text: “Your username and password is incorrect. Please try again.  My password-protected life is making me paranoid.

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Tomorrow, Monday 27th May, is a Spring Bank Holiday in England and Wales. Bank holidays take their name from the fact that banks, government offices and most businesses are closed on these day. And it’s a day off work for most people.

Americans will also celebrate their ‘bank’ holiday tomorrow. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in military service for the country. Banks will also close.What I am about to tell you can be found in numerous places on the Web, but you may not have heard it before and you can always check for yourself. Briefly, the account states:

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More than 100 years ago a train named the J G Kellogg fell from a ferry into the Sacramento river and was never recovered. In 1970 researchers delving into the history of the incident said that it was a very rare locomotive, being the second oldest in the State …

J. G. Kellogg-thumb-500x247-14974

The JG Kellogg was built in 1866 and toppled from a ferry into the Sacramento river ion the 1890’s.

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