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Harlene for the Hair

5th December 2014 — 15 Comments

When I was a rather inexperienced detectorist and found my first gold stater, I simply thought, “That looks rather nice,” and stowed it away in the pocket of my jeans.

The use of the word ‘first’ suggests that there may be more. I live in hope! With the benefit of hindsight and if a second is ever found, a ‘detector dance’ will be executed and the precious coin placed carefully in a plastic bag. It will then be snugly inserted between two layers of foam in an old baccy tin and carefully tucked in the zipped compartment of my finds’ pouch. Then I’ll phone Securicor to escort me home. If I want to show anybody in the field, it’ll take more extracting than an over-packaged Tesco tea bag.

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