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Thomas Lucking writes, “There is a memorable line spoken by Lance (played by Toby Jones) in the very well written Detectorists television series by Mackenzie Crook, and one with which many in the hobby would agree: “Saxon hoard. It’s basically the Holy Grail of treasure hunting !” Young Tom has found what he considers to be his ‘Holy Grail’ and tells his story.

In the second part, Dr. Helen Geake, Finds Adviser (Post-Roman Artefacts) to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, tells us what was found, and the role she played in the excavation.

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Last year, on his first visit it the UK on a detecting tour organised by Weekend Wanderers, John Steele found a Roman burial in Buckinghamshire. He tells his own story of the discovery and I look in closer detail at the finds and their significance.

John, a detectorist since 1969, lives in Colorado. He has been retired from the US Air Force for 13 years.



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  1. So how do I go about writing articles for the Mag?

  2. Are you really THE John Winter? Or, are you someone simply POSING as John Winter?

    The reason I ask is that someone calling himself ‘Paul Barford’, a somewhat undistinguished person who likes to be known as an ‘archaeologist,’ and a self-appointed bullet-firer for an equally lesser-known ‘expert’ working under the name ‘David Gill’, strongly suggests that you, are actually ‘Paul Barford’.

    I find this scenario hard to digest since the ‘John Winter’ I know, writes in the manner of an educated individual.

    I think we should be told.

    Happy Hoiking

    John H
    PS. I am not ‘John Winter’ either.

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