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17th August 2015 — 6 Comments

On the 26th June I posted a blog about a box and its forgotten repository of detecting finds. John Brassey, author, aesthete, gourmet, blogger, detectorist and Framlingham’s answer to Samuel Pepys, made a comment at the time. He forecast, “There’s enough material in that box for three or four blogs.” And he was almost right; this will be number five.

 I’m adding suggestions in red as they arrive … 

OneI don’t have a lot to say about these items, simply because I don’t know much, but can hazard a guess at my first example is a pointer from a clock. I could be wrong.

pointer 2

© JW – Length 1.6 inches

Unless it has a pivot point on the bottom is not for a clock … try a sundial. This item doesn’t have a pivot … reminds me of a Roman nail cleaner, but I guess it isn’t Roman

TWOSecond up is a flimsy pendant-type thingy made of tin. I haven’t tried to open it, and I don’t think that it was meant to open. The height is one and a half inches. Like all of the finds I have shown you in this ‘series’, none of them has been cleaned.


© JW

Locket for a curl of hair

THREEThe next two items are more substantial and made of a stronger material. The first, at 2.3 inches diameter, is most interesting. The picture on the left looks distorted but this is because I was unable to lay it flat on the scanner.

Unknown 3

© JW

Horse harness boss x 3; Madonna’s nipple covers; Brass boss from a bridle bit – style dates from the 16th century

FourThe next item is 1.5 inches in diameter, uncleaned, but has some interesting markings. Perhaps I should smother it in tomato ketchup or summat to reveal more. Only joking! But perhaps it deserves a clean.


© JW

Keyhole cover x 2; Lock cover; Bolt cover from Victorian poster bed

FIVETwo inches long and looks like it ‘might’ be a rather large cap of some kind. Is that a screw thread? I’m not so sure. ‘Tis very dirty.


© JW

Top off a sun brolly; End of sheath to protect knives; Antique automobile valve cap x 2

SIXAlso in the box, but I remember publishing on another occasion all those years ago when I first found them. Still have no idea of what they are. Do you? They are about 0.5 of an inch in diameter and made of lead.


© JW

Piano key weights x 2



I’m currently writing about an item found about 15 years ago and recently identified with the help of an American detectorist and Butch Holcombe’s American Digger magazine. Never give up! The story will be in another place! 🙂


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6 responses to Box Blog 5

  1. Item 4 could be a key hole cover

  2. Lead items are piano key weights.

  3. Very interesting bits and will surely provoke many different recognitions.
    But here is my thoughts,
    Item 2 A Locket for a Curl of Hair from a loved one.
    Item 3 A Horse Harness Boss.
    Item 5 A Tip off a Sun Brolly.

  4. Thank you for suggestions so far.
    I’ve added them to the blog.

  5. No. 1 doesn’t look right for a clock hand to me. It does remind me of a Roman nail cleaner, but I guess it isn’t Roman…

  6. 4’s bed bolt cover
    5’s an early tyre valve cover (model T or similar)

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