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The Bosun’s Call

30th September 2015 — 16 Comments

CallI’m never surprised by what detectorists retrieve from the ground, but here’s an unusual find and one that you don’t see often. Clinton White of St. Albans tells me that he was detecting in Hertfordshire woods with his Goldmaxx, finding lots of bullets, buttons and ring pulls when he came across this unusual item, a bosun’s call, sometimes referred to as a boatswain’s whistle or pipe.

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Recognising the Signals

25th September 2015 — 36 Comments

ap,550x550,16x12,1,transparent,t.u2I was talking to two guys who regularly go detecting together. The discussion dwelt for a short time on how they had developed visual cues to communicate with each other when searching on the same field, but at a distance apart.

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ThinkDetectorists were talking on a forum about a dig due to take place the next day. Part of the conversation was about what they’d like to find and, apart from one poster, the general discussion was full of negative thinking. One guy even said, “I’m aiming low then I can’t be disappointed.”

All this negativity reminded me of a post I made in 2013 on positive thinking. Luckily I was able to retrieve the text and I now regurgitate that which was presumed lost. Apologies to my older subscribers who may be familiar with some of the content.

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Gloves copy 2As new people take up the hobby the same subjects come around. “`Should I wear gloves?” is one of those questions commonly asked and there is a simple answer – YES, you should, and you’d be foolish if you didn’t!

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8th September 2015 — 13 Comments
2013-06-25 16.48.49

© JW

When I was a rookie detectorist and knew no better, I found a Celtic gold stater and unceremoniously stashed it in my jean’s pocket alongside modern coins, keys and other stuff a bloke usually carries. Not one of my proudest moments.

I soon learned that I needed a reasonably safe container for my precious coins and did what most metal detectorists do and employed a tin box, which I lovingly lined with foam. That’s one of them on the left! It worked, but wasn’t perfect. There’s a better way of doing things!

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On May 2nd this year Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, “was safely delivered of a daughter”. Cheers from die-hard royal fans outside the hospital greeted the announcement. Shouldn’t they have waited outside Buckingham Palace because that’s where the news was announced first? The relentless coverage outside the hospital by hysterical reporters with little to say was a total non-event.

All this kerfuffle reminded me of a piece I wrote in 2011. The royal couple (should that phrase be in capital letters?) was the catalyst for an article I wrote on royal souvenirs, the majority of them found by detectorists.

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