Archives For 17th May 2016

Cow-Magnet-and-Cow copy 2In 2010 I published an article on ‘cow magnets’, but lost it in the great crash of 2013. Judging by questions I see on detecting forums about whether cowpats initiate a signal on metal detectors, I think it’s about time I resurrected that post. Read this and you may realise how a machine may give a signal on a cowpat.

In retrospect, and in my opinion any such signal is best ignored. The results are invariably disappointing and not worth risking the attendant hazards. In the past year I have read about children being hospitalised by E Coli from cowpats in a park and warnings published in the press. The strain of the bacteria is often associated with rural environments that may have been contaminated by animal faeces. Detectorists be aware!

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