Stop Press – Nettie Does it Again!

13th August 2016 — 15 Comments

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My main story in September’s Searcher magazine is about Nettie Edmundson who’s found gold every year for the past ten years. Today she was out searching on a field she has been detecting on many times and found a beautiful gold posey ring. I’m so pleased for her!

I reckon it is circa 18th century and the inscription reads MY HEART AND I UNTIL I DIE


Nettie Ring

© Nettie Edmundson


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15 responses to Stop Press – Nettie Does it Again!

  1. Well done Nettie.

  2. … and most folk never find ANY! Well done that lady. Some record!


  3. There are plenty of great finds still out there. A posy ring is something I would like to find. Well done Nettie for keeping up your sequence of finds!

  4. Great result!! And a lovely inscription too! Well done again Nettie 🙂

  5. I have the Midas Touch in reverse. No gold for me yet but congrats to you Nettie. The ring is a beauty.

    • The Sadim touch. Same as I. My brother is always finding gold. I have only ever found 1 gold coin & 1 gold ring in 15 years of detecting. I

  6. Well done Nettie.

  7. I would rather find a Posy ring than the gold nuggets we find over here in Oz. Well done Nettie.

  8. That is a great quality dig. Congratulations!

  9. Fantastic Record well dun Olympic detecting

  10. Thank you everybody…. I’ll do my best to keep it up !

  11. Keep up the wonderful work …I am now back out detecting again after a break …Divorce lol…Looking forward to trying to find anther roman hoard and even another Domitianus 2.
    Here’s to all you metal detecting ladies and guys .Good luck .

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