Paul Barford – Arrogance Personified

24th July 2017 — 36 Comments

If you check the meaning of arrogance in a dictionary it will tell you that the word means ‘an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people.’ Pride is fine up to a point but when, like Paul Barford, you see yourself as better than everyone else, you simply become a dickhead. Apologies to my American friend Dick Stout; no offence intended.

Don’t misunderstand me. Dickheads can be quite attractive. I admit that his offensive outpourings, display of superiority and self-importance emanating from his blog hold a certain magnetism that attracts me every day. I’m inexplicably drawn to go and have a look – even though his affliction and strange disease tend to make me sick. Strange that, when I spend a lot of time imploring others not to engage with him …

In today’s society, the word ‘vile’ simply means extremely unpleasant or offensive. An archaic use of the word implied anything that was ‘of little use or value.’ Both definitions admirably sum up the loathsome blogger Paul Barford, but better known to us under a variety of pseudonyms, many of them unprintable.

I have always believed that part of a human’s basic instinct (apart from the need for food and sex) was to be liked. For example, I always welcome a pat on the head and a virtual lump of sugar when I make a good post. Which begs the question. Is Mr Barford human? Or does he get a kick out of being extremely obnoxious?

Paul Barford by Bibbsy ©

Barford refers to detectorists as ‘oiks’. The use of this disparaging slang word, generally meaning an inferior, ignorant, or lower-class person not only shows his arrogance, but also his expertise as a wordsmith, echoing the word ‘hoiking’ ( roughly, out of the soil ) of which he is very fond. I like that!

Using our hero’s definition and simply because you are reading this, you could be one of those inferior people. Yes, I said he was a dickhead! He has accused me in the past of:

“…. pandering to the oiks in the cheap seats … the well known formula for boosting readership numbers in detecting circkles.” (sic).

How pleasing to see that Mr Barford, so fond of pointing out the grammatical and spelling errors often made by detectorists, is capable of making basic errors himself. Could this guy be human after all? I don’t link to his blog on principle … you’ll just have to take my word. Not very scientific … but I suspect that this post will invoke ( at least ) a 1000 word riposte. 

Alternatively, he could ignore my words just out of cussedness. And that would be a shame, because that’s part of my strategy for attracting people to my blog. Mentioned by him in dispatches is always good for business. 🙂

I wonder occasionally about Mr. Barford’s state of mind. Why does he have an irresistible urge to behave in such a boorish manner? Does he have some kinds of compulsion to insult and belittle as many people as possible? Just a rhetorical question. Perhaps detectorists – and me in particular – are just easy targets.


A few examples of how Mr. Barford refers to detectorists

He is intentionally offensive on his blog trying desperately to incite rage towards ( and from ) detectorists … whose overall strategy, I am pleased to say, is just to ignore him. What follows are a selection of words and phrases taken from his blog. 

Compared to your continuous bilge of vile verbal excrement Paul, I am just a learner, a constipated curmudgeon struggling with words to fit. You are the past master spurting out your vile bile to anyone who will listen. No wonder your blog has few comments … apart from the sycophantic Nigel Swift that is, who sometimes appears to mop up and agree with your most smelly outpourings.

After his reading of THIS post the other day, and calling all detectorists ‘pricks’ in a comment on my blog (not published), Barford expects me to engage with him and is sending emails. He advises me that ” … time is slipping away and with it your advantages supplied by a soon-to-be-ended PAS. Then what?”

Blinking heck! Is there no end to this man’s talents? He is now a soothsayer!


From Barford’s blog: 

British archaeologist living and working in Warsaw, Poland. Since the early 1990s (or even longer) a primary interest has been research on artefact hunting and collecting and the market in portable antiquities in the international context and their effect on the archaeological record.


From Dick Stout


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36 responses to Paul Barford – Arrogance Personified

  1. Sad little man …. (No – Not YOU John!).

    Heh Heh ….

  2. You have to remember his last name…BARFord. He is a waste of *****

  3. Barford > better known to us under a variety of pseudonyms, many of them unprintable.<

    So is this arrogant person not simply giving as good as he gets from the tekkies who unable on the whole to engage with articulate argument only resort to crude tribal attitudes, insults and ad personams, like here?

    • It seems like the PAS is a good system. I reviewed your blog and found you have nobody in agreement with you. Is this because you have no solutions ? The items in the ground will further deteriorate if current technology is not used to retrieve them.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Museums and private collections alike have been gifted with some wonderful, exquisite and sometimes bizarre items that would have been lost to the world, save some savvy swinging by a person that has discovered a hobby worth its weight in gold (literally in some
        cases). So instead of “leaving them in the ground” (no doubt to rot) we choose to save said pieces for antiquity. Get you some of that Barford or whatever your name is!

    • A rather disappointing reply from Barford …

  4. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 24th July 2017 at 4:23 AM

    The formula for reality TV is the same for attracting followers when you have poor content……..cause controversy, and people will come out to defend what they believe in.

    The poster doesn’t have to believe in what he says or types, he just has to know how to get under people’s skin.

    I’ve learned to walk away……..although it’s still fun to argue with a bellend every now and then.

  5. Bruce D Campbell 24th July 2017 at 4:59 AM

    Well John, I have to say that this is an unexpected departure from your normal blog posts. I don’t remember seeing you on the attack before.

  6. Dealing with Barford is akin to performing surgery on a turd.
    You see, the more you prod, in an endeavour to understand it, the more you’ll actually discover that it’s just a steaming lump of shit, which eminates stench and requires an adoring squadron of flies, to spread infection, all over the internet!

  7. Carl Hendrickson 24th July 2017 at 6:46 AM

    Ignore the troll and pity his wife! Don’t visit his page or respond-your reactions are giving this man child a boner.

    Could you (or do you have) a beginners guide to setting up a metal detector? Your advice on the terms etc would be appreciated….I have found coins on factory settings, would you leave it alone? (a minelab sovereign elite).

  8. only one word to describe this( man ? ) sh*tbag

  9. A born Richard cranium
    Once a breast always a breast

  10. As a octogenarian to me Barford is just a child of our times.

    He is just a passing ship that suddenly appeared on the Eastern horizon and will very soon disappear in the Western sunset.

    Meanwhile Happy Hunting to you all.Jerry.

  11. What an arrogant arse and a poor excuse for a human being. He needs to take a good long look in a mirror so that he can see the lump of shit staring back at him.

  12. He has been baiting that particular hook for a while now John. The lack of bites was killing him Lol. But I know what you mean, it’s like reading Donald Trumps Tweets or picking a scab….you know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help yourself sometimes.

  13. I want to respond and share my thoughts about the Warsaw worm but will pass. He continues to send me comments as well but I will not share them, at least not now. Maybe someday. He does it to get you to respond because he’s a sad and lonely individual.

  14. While he is fuming, every day we are detecting. We are winning and he’s so far behind he’s resorting to desperate levels, with nothing to lose.

  15. A refreshing change to see you unpick Barfy which made me smile as it is so true what you say. Life goes on and he is becoming somewhat insignificant in the world of archaeology as each day passes. He is not taken as a credible commentator. He could never provide comment without inuendo, selective presentation of out of context comments and at times out and out lies to suit his own ends.
    Although he describes himself as an archaeologists there is no proof that he has worked as one for many years no doubt due to a propensity to upset the people who once employed him especially those back in England before he jumped ship to live in a then communist country..mmm he must have a few skeletons in his cupboard to make him do something so drastic.

  16. John, I can understand you dislike of this piece of fossilised poo, what I cannot understand is,
    why a man of such superior intelligence can possibly feel an urge to visit his blog on a daily basis.

    By doing so you are playing into his pathetic, greasy, and probably cold clammy hands. He knows that you will see his every rant, and that no matter what he says, it will be read by John Winter.

    I can think of nobody within our great family of metal detectorists, nor in journalism, (I don’t know many), who must be more respected for everything they stand for. On a personal note, both Mr.& Mrs John, know my feelings, which are long standing.

    I hope the time will come when you can find it within yourself to leave the rabble, which
    believes it is the answer to all which he believes is bad, somewhere at the bottom of the deepest hole in your make up, never to surface again.

  17. Mr P Barford has a B.S. in electrical science and we all know what that stands for.

  18. I note the reply from the man earlier. His invitiation to “debate” issues is simply a ploy to the unsuspecting to respond to his comments and taunts in order to have a go at them. He is not interested in debate merely to elicit an opportunity to belittle people he considers to be inferior to him which is another aspect of his personality disorder.

    • ALL people are inferior to him. He acts like a supreme being …

      • Only HE believes that he is a supreme being. It therefore follows that he must be the

        Don’t put yourself down, that twat will thrive on trying to do it, but WE know better.

  19. I see that most people are of the same mnd about him.
    It is very telling that he has not chosen to respond which points to the fact that he cannot debate in an arena that he does not control. After all on his own blog nobody can freely comment as he will selectively edit their comments to support his own viewpoints and twist them as a means to attack the correspondent.

  20. He is not a coward ,but recognises that to debate on this site would take away from him the ability to selectively edit comments to support his argument and viewpoints hence he has ignored it all as usual when he cant get his own way.

  21. Having been a target very recently this blog pleases me. He has without any reason gone on the attack on a find and jumped to conclusions without any context or understanding of a timeline of events. With hoik being used! It initially got my heckles up but then realising he is an archaeological internet troll put me at ease. There are many words to describe him but all are too good.

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