Selfie Light Christmas Giveaway

2nd December 2017 — 25 Comments

Off with his head. Confession time. I watched a video on Facebook that showed something that looked quite attractive and useful for detectorists. Not only that, it was remarkably reasonable in price.

Being a cheapskate, I was naturally interested. You all know that I am a connoisseur of duff, coin pictures taken with a mobile phone, out-of-focus, on the hand and with at least 80% of the background showing. Perhaps this ‘Selfie Light’, by BAUHN of China, was one way of improving on those dire tekkie shots. I wasn’t deterred by the name – very similar to the German firm of BRAUN, who produce many different high performance products. No, the price of £4.99 at ALDI and the fact that it had a 10X macro lens were determining factors. I had no intention of using it as a ‘selfie light’ and was interested more in whether this attachment was a solution to the problem of taking decent close-up pictures with a mobile phone or tablet.

Picture by JW. Note that the attachment of this device is very simple – as shown in the small picture below, it clips over the camera lens of any phone or tablet. The USB cable supplied is for recharging the LED lights.

The first surprise after queuing for the car park and jostling with Sunday shoppers was that the price had plummeted to £3.49 per unit. Why they were in a locked glass case instead of being stacked high like other items, was beyond me. That alone reinforced the fact that I was buying a quality product … or not. Because of the reduction in price, I bought two! The box on the right hand side in the picture above hasn’t been opened. The other bits and pieces on the left are what I used for the test.

I couldn’t wait to give it a go – at night and in my rather dark ‘man-cave’. The components looked  well-made and consisted of: Lens protective covers. Fish-eye lens. Attachment clips. LED On/Off button. LED lights. Wide Angle and Macro combined lenses. USB cable and pouch in which to carry the lot. The user guide was basic, but adequate. The twelve LED lights had three levels of brightness. The light comes with a three-year guarantee and is imported by Tempo Internation (sic) of Mid-Glamorgan in Wales.

My first picture was taken in my study, with my iPad and the only illumination was an Anglepoise lamp. I then fitted the Selfie Light after adjusting the intensity of The LED’s to the lowest setting. You can see from the picture below the before and after shots. Although the final result is a definite improvement using the selfie, I was just a little disappointed to find that, to maintain focus, I was unable to take the picture as close as I would have preferred. The pictures have been cropped to get rid of superfluous background. Still impressive.

Using Incandescent Light (L) and with the Selfie Light (R) Picture by JW


With available daylight, I conducted further tests and haven’t adjusted or improved the pictures in any way. The one on the left is a straight shot with phone and the other is using the Selfie Light. Again, I was unable to get a decent close-up. The pictures are as taken. Which one do you  prefer!

After Cropping and Stitching Together

Pictures by JW

Whether you use them to enhance your selfies or to experiment with coin picture is up to you. For me, I don’t need them; they are too fiddly for my clumsy fingers and no improvement to what I use at the moment. And so, they are my …

If you’d like to own one of these devices – they are no longer available at Aldi – all you have to do is make a comment on this post or, alternatively, click on CONTACT ME in the black bar at the top. You don’t have to be a subscriber … but you do have to live in the UK. Good Luck! After about a week, I shall choose the winners.



Congratulations to Martin Matthews and Mike Willet, the two winners of the  Selfie Light



And now for something different! I admire Wullie Dean who talked to me about depression and how metal detecting has been a great help to him over the last few years. Many of you can closely relate to what Wullie said, because you’ve told me. You’ve admired his recovery process, courage and talking about his illness.

Wullie has also admitted and accepted that it happened; he tells his story in a frank and lucid manner. That’s good; awareness is everything. The message is loud and clear. Do not keep it a secret! His words are an inspiration! Read the full article in the current Searcher magazine …


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25 responses to Selfie Light Christmas Giveaway

  1. Well John.. I do not live in the UK.. and even if I did, you have been more than generous to me over and over again.So I would not even want you to give me one… But as is my wont… I do like to reply to your posts almost as much as I enjoy reading them..

    An intriguing device.. I will have to look them up to see if they are available on this side of the pond


  2. John, never heard of this but like Michael, I will try and track one down here. Love your website!


  3. Bruce D Campbell 2nd December 2017 at 2:56 AM

    Put me down as another Canuk who likes your posts and is not interested in receiving the prise John.
    I do like my palm shots No matter how many times you complain.

  4. My girlfriend wants to know if that selfie light will improve how she looks.

  5. Well Mr Winter, what can anyone say ? Other than that yet again you are showing the real you,
    kind, talented, and very funny. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Nevermind John…I’ll just tell her that you said they don’t work miracles.

  7. Good review John , I don’t know if this would improve on what I already use for my close up pictures but still quite a neat little gadget for a few quid that might have its benefits in low light situations .

  8. are they in Aldi now John?

  9. Looks like a very useful bit of kit.

  10. “I can think of absolutely no acceptable situation where a grown man should be taking a bathroom mirror selfie.” Bill Murray


  11. Well done John playing father Christmas again.. looks like a handy piece of kit all my photos that I put on the forums are mostly taken by my phone and I shall keep a eye out for one of these ..Hohoho …..Gary

  12. As usual I enjoyed reading your reviews and posts John, William is indeed an inspiration and his story emphasises one of the many hidden benefits associated with metal detecting.

  13. Great gift idea, count me in please

  14. A lovely gift if I win. Thanks John and merry Christmas to yourself and followers!

  15. What will they think of next.
    Will be reading the article by Wullie JW

    • The full article is in the current issue of The Searcher. You’ll have to buy one, read the article surreptitiously in Smiths, or wait to get a free one from your usual supplier. Your subscription starts with the next issue. 🙂

  16. Interesting … from your comments recently on some my pictures … perhaps this is the answer !

  17. Thank you john looking forward to my copy coming. Will contact the Aldi see when there in again if it’s like the coin boxes all the best to you and yours for next year

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