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25th May 2018 — 11 Comments

It may have escaped your attention, but the Chinese archaeologist Zhao Kangmin died on 16 May at the age of 81. Who was he, and why do I mention his demise?

Picture of Zhao courtesy of the People’s Daily

Zhao is is largely recognised as the guy who ‘discovered and restored’ the Terracotta Warriors, arguably the most famous archaeological site in the world. Okay, the site was discovered by chance by villagers in 1974. but he was the first to recognise the significance of the pottery they had found.

He painstakingly pieced the fragments together, spurring an excavation that would reveal thousands more clay soldiers packed into underground corridors.

It is solely my intention to alert my readers to Zhao’s death. Anyone interested further can find out more by putting his name into any Search Engine … I’m not out to re-invent the wheel.

China’s Terracotta Warriors. Picture Flickr

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11 responses to Archaeologist of Note

  1. I can remember those terra cotta figures being discovered John.. It was, and remains, a very important discovery..

    I had no idea though, that this man was the one who recognized them for what they were


  2. I remember seeing pictures of those terra cotta figures before, fascinating

  3. Thank you John, if nothing else, you have increased my knowledge, and made the wheel turn a little more.

  4. Zhao Kangmin was at the cutting edge of historical research. A brilliant and distinguished mind and a great loss. RIP

  5. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 26th May 2018 at 3:58 AM

    Yet another history lesson comes to life.

    Of course we are all familiar with the discovery, but I had honestly thought it was well before the 70’s?

    I see a rabbit whole of internet reading opening up before me tonight. LOL…

  6. one of the greatest discoveries made R.I.P Zhao

  7. Thank you John. Zhao Kangmin is rightly plauded by the rest of the world for his magnificent work. The Chinese media don’t seem to officially appreciate his individual efforts or acknowledge his passing. Example from 2009: They do, however, seem to like the dosh the Terracotta Warriors bring in… Well posted John! Cheers!

    PS: were the TWs the world’s earliest rock group? … I’ll get my changshang….

  8. As usual Dave, you leave me baffled … good name though! 🙂

  9. Thank you for yet again enlightening me to a name that I had never heard of. I also thought the TC Army was discovered before the 70s even though I remember them announcing its discovery.

    Thanks John.

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