I’ve Found Gold!

12th May 2018 — 25 Comments

No, NOT the stater!

Must tell you about this. Yesterday I found gold … and enjoyed eating it!

Mrs John presented me with a rather striking, metallic gold gift box of dark chocolate truffles, all finished with edible gold leaf. What had I done to deserve that? Dunno, but they were very welcome and made me feel good. I’m a lucky boy! The last time I remember unearthing gold was many yonks ago.

My Special Gift

Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers. There first shop opened at 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair and remained there ever since.

They are now housed in one of London’s elegant arcades, the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street and are endorsed by the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen.

So, the most frequent use of gold in editable form today is in its use by the top quality chocolate makers who produce chocolates with gold leaf. Food producers have even successfully marketed marmalade with gold particles. The body doesn’t absorb gold easily so what you eat will quickly leave the system.


In most cases, yes. Gold is considered ‘biologically inert,’ meaning it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed, but make sure to get gold that is as pure as possible—this means 22-24 carats. Gold leaf with a smaller carat value has more impurities and is less safe to eat. I wouldn’t recommend eating the gold ring you have just found when detecting. Just give it kiss when performing your Victory Dance.

Gold was first used in cooking in the Middle Ages and today is a permissible food colouring with its own e-number. While peasants like you and me went hungry, the rich decorated their lavish banquets with the patina of gold. Roast birds and other meat dishes were wrapped in thin gold leaf in an ostentatious display of wealth.

But, the ultimate run decadence is as liquor called Goldschlager, created as long ago as 1598, which is flecked with minute particles of gold leaf suspended in the liquid.

The liqueur is used to flavour the aptly named Soufflé Rothschild. This authentic hot cinnamon schnapps has floating flakes of real 24 carat gold and imported from Switzerland, packaged in a distinctive and iconic bell-shaped bottle.

The price is beyond my means and I reckon many of yours too but, at a pinch, you could always shave that gold stater you found, stir the flakes in a can of Newcastle Brown Ale and pretend you are Elton John. Okay, Stella lager if you prefer! On second thoughts, don’t try this at home. In larger quantities gold can be toxic and thus harmful to health, so be warned!

Gold leaf is readily available online, from specialty gold distributors, auction sites, and even Amazon? Specialty cake decorating stores often carry gold leaf or gold flakes.


Gold is valued both for its natural beauty and because it can be fashioned into most intricate and satisfying shapes and preserves for centuries its lustre and colour. Gold is also the most malleable of metals and from the earliest recorded times craftsmen have hammered it into leaf of a thinness less than the wavelength of visible light, invisible on edge under the highest powered optical microscope 1/250,000th of an inch or 70 millimicrons. Because of this thinness beaten gold conforms with the contours of the surface of the material on which it is applied by the gilder – stone, wood, glass, leather or other substances – using an adhesive “size” of water, oil, white of egg or other suitable ingredients. When skilfully applied the durability of the gold leaf is evident from the face masks and mummy cases of the rulers of Ancient Egypt entombed in splendour with their gilded furniture and ornaments. These and other examples of beaten gold from antiquity, preserved in museums throughout the world, are comparable in every detail with gold leaf of the present day produced by the same methods in the unbroken tradition of the craft of goldbeating. Courtesy of Wrights of Lymm LtdSee more HERE

King Tut

Perhaps the most well-known works of art in the world is the funerary mask of Tutankhamun, which is fashioned from two layers of high carat gold varying from 1.5-3mm in thickness


Eat the one on the left; look at and admire your stater


Gold worth millions is flushed into British sewers every year …

Brushing gold teeth and rubbing wedding rings as we wash our hands is contributing to an estimated £13 million worth of precious metals flushed away every year … from The Telegraph SEE MORE HERE

You can now buy luxury chicken wings that have been dipped in gold. See pictures and video HERE.


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25 responses to I’ve Found Gold!

  1. My wife tried a ‘gold’ treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis, John..It was an experimental treatment at the time. And she had to go every week for about 10 weeks.

    Now to be fair, it did nothing for her… but it is proof that we can take gold in and nothing untoward happens to us.

    And I see that the chocolateers you have pictured have the Royal seal on it.. Very nice indeed


  2. Very interesting John, and it all started with a box of chocolates, Mrs John must really love you. And they certainly beat Terrys All Gold.

    You had some extremely interesting points to make. For a start, I wasn’t aware that gold leaf was edible, call me old fashioned if you like but I don’t get that type of information when purchasing a Toblerone.

    I have always been very impressed whilst watching people apply gold leaf. They must have the patience of a saint

    Another superb article John thanks for posting mate.


  3. Good One John and PS I fixed the post on the forum so it works for you

  4. If I bought my Mrs chocs or flowers she would want to know what I had done. Just wondering.

  5. I found a 10K ring yesterday.

  6. mmmm ..now I didn’t know it passed right through the body …would it be worth taking up gold panning in the sewers of London

  7. Here in Oz they have gold injections for Arthritis, unsure if it works.
    I have been asked to scan dogs a few times when owners have lost gold rings. Never found one inside though.

  8. Apart from the possible implications of being given, out of the blue, incredibly pricey posh sweeties, from an exclusive London arcade, my main concern would have been that innocent-looking gold leaf… …it’s bad enough when you miss a fragment of aluminium foil on a favourite confection and you go through the ceiling when it makes contact with a filling… and gold is a much better conductor… If your stater were beaten into a gold sheet of the thickness used in an astronaut’s helmet visor (50 millimicrons) its area would be 5.7 square metres! Value for money! I once saw Tut’s mask in the Cairo museum… it’s very nice. So it be true… where there’s muck there’s brass! …Now what might one name one’s sewerage-gold extracting company to get a decent acronym? Great article! Pure gold John! Cheers!

  9. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 13th May 2018 at 4:22 AM

    John you either did something really good to deserve such a treat, or are about to do something really good. LOL……

    Either way I would have eaten them as well, and sat back and waited.

    As for “flushing” away gold, I recall reading an article about a group of people in Mumbai who station themselves outside of the goldsmiths, and they collect their sewage and other wastes looking for gold flecks.

    It seems like an extremely hard way to make a living, but apparently there are family generations that do it?

    Does make you wonder where the gold leaf on the chocolates comes from though?? Hahahaha

  10. interesting John. I remember seeing the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb in Cairo museum and being surprised that most items were just gilded. in my ignorance I imagined that they were solid gold.

  11. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 15th May 2018 at 2:15 PM

    The whole time I was reading the rag about the gold covered chicken wings, I was thinking to myself “please let the article end with Kim Kardashian choking to death on one”

    It might not have been a gold finish, but it would have had a silver lining. LOL….

  12. Whilst an apprentice monumental mason, for a short period, I occasionally applied gold leaf
    to the lettering on headstones. That was back when I was sixteen, I am now just short of
    77, and it was not until today that I actually learned how thin “leaf” is.
    That is simply incredibly thin, and almost hard to take in.

    Thanks John, for widening my education just a bit more.

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