Another Solution for the Deaf Detectorist?


In 2015 Stephen Hunter was my guest and he made a blog post entitled ‘Advice on Using Hearing Aids Whilst Metal Detecting.’ You can see it HERE.

With the arrival of the Minelab Equinox metal detector an alternative way of hearing the signals produced by this machine has been devised by my friend Randy Dee and is well worth a look.

Randy is almost completely deaf and cannot manage without his hearing aids. Recently he bought a couple of Phonak FM Receiver shoes for use with his Phonak aids and I later bought a Phonak Roger FM wireless transmitter so as to hear music and television direct to the hearing aids. Than he had a brainwave.

He connected his Minelab Equinox WM08 wireless unit with the Phonak Roger FM transmitter and paired the WM08 unit with his Equinox then with the Phonak wireless transmitter with his Phonak hearing aids. Low and behold, the Equinox signals came belting through spot on and with loads of volume. See photographs below.


Randy – I also wear hearing aids … but I’ve never thought about trying to do what you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing this and I will certainly give it a go … Chubbs

Hopefully this has been of some help to those of you who wear hearing aids and detect. Connevans design, manufacture and supply equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people in education, employment, leisure and the home. Check out their website. Also available from other retailers.


Thanks to Randy for his help and co-operation 


9 thoughts on “Another Solution for the Deaf Detectorist?”

  1. Where there is a will, there is a way.. and that in one of the most innovative that I have seen, John.

    Kudos to him for thinking ‘out of the box’ as it were!!


  2. What a brilliant idea.

    I’d love to see companies make some sort of offering for the hearing impaired, but because it represents such a small portion of their business I guess that’s why they chose not to do so?

    Also my limited memory of ASL tells me that the hand signals above spell DEAF.

    Kudos Randy for taking the time to share your idea with John, and thusly the rest of us.

  3. Thanks John for taking this little project on board and helping to pass on what could be of some significant help to the hearing impaired metal detectorists.
    As I was finding my deteriorating hearing causing me to miss signals when just using the headphones I had to retort to having to keep my hearing aids in and wearing the headphones over my hearing aids and at times this caused my hearing aids to squeal and whistle as well as possibly doing damage to my aids with sweat in the warm / hot weather.

  4. Well done Randy, you are going to help a lot of deaf detectorists with this innovative idea.

    Thanks for following up on this idea John.

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