Nations’ Greatest Finds Competition

14th June 2018 — 4 Comments

The Searcher detecting magazine’s Nation’s Greatest Finds Competition, first conceived to by the Editor in 2005, has become an annual highlight of the detecting year. This competition doesn’t just include Treasure items – the significance of the find is just as important. In the beginning the criteria was that all finds should have been recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme and nominated by Finds’ Advisors or FLO’s, and this is still the case. But there have been subtle changes.

In recent years the Isle of Man and Jersey have submitted nominations and the competition has also been opened up to our European neighbours who have similar recording schemes to PAS. This year the magazine welcomed the Netherlands and hope that Denmark and Flanders will nominate next year. The competition is now entitled The Nations’ Greatest Finds. 🙂

An entry for the competition

The 2017 nominated entries include some amazing artefacts, many never seen before and others that have appeared within the magazine’s pages during the past year. They all contribute in some way to our knowledge and understanding of the past.

As ever with the coins there were some specimens in great condition and even some new varieties. This year there were three hoards – including one from Jersey. The usual policy is to omit the name of the finder at this stage of the competition.

Nominated by The Netherlands


This year’s competition will be judged by a panel that will include Michael Lewis on behalf of the PAS, Stijn Heeren of the Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands (PAN) and Peter D Spencer of The Searcher. Tim Loughton MP will also be joining the panel. Tim is a supporter of the PAS, Treasurer of the Parliamentary Archaeology Group and Member of the Royal Archeological Institute.

Well done to all who have been nominated and good luck in the final judging of the competition. N.B. The coin and artefact chosen to illustrate this blog were chosen at random from those nominations shown in the magazine …



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4 responses to Nations’ Greatest Finds Competition

  1. I wonder if they will consider my 1997 Canadian Loonie, John.. LOL.

    But there are some magnificent finds to be judged.. I do not envy them that task!!

    Many thanks my friend…


  2. Maybe Canada will be included one day. 🙂

  3. Bruce D Campbell 15th June 2018 at 6:36 PM

    Judging, will be a daunting task John, one that I am glad not to be asked to do.
    In some categories beauty and condition will be the deciding factors and in others rarity will give the final nod to the winner.

  4. Yes. The judges will have a difficult task.

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