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When Karen Woolley from Nottinghamshire mislaid her diamond ring she suspected that her puppy Barney, a cocker spaniel cross miniature poodle, might have something to do with the disappearance. But how could she prove it? Karen and husband Steve hunted high and low for the diamond-encrusted ring after which Steve suggested that they used an old metal detector – the one they’d acquired ages ago and never used.

Sure enough, the detector beeped every time they passed it over Barney’s chest. There was no doubt that the dog had swallowed the ring. Twenty minutes later the beeping was coming from the belly.

Barney was rushed to a vet and was soon on the operating table, sliced open and the ring retrieved just as it was exiting his stomach. The vet said because the ring was so large and Barney so small, he could have died or been seriously injured if he had tried to pass the ring himself.

Karen said, “There are three big diamonds that stick out of the ring – and if they had ripped the intestine he could have bled to death. If we hadn’t acted when we did, and used the metal detector on Barney, he could have died. It’s a bit embarrassing to have to tell people that the dog ate my ring – but at least we have it back now and there’s no lasting damage been done”

How nice to have a happy ending to a story. The vet said that puppies can be very curious and he advised owners not to let them play on their own and to keep small objects out of reach. The couple hoped that Barney would pass the family heirloom naturally – but the vet warned that he was so tiny that the ring could have killed him as it passed through the digestive system.

Jane McLachlan, practice director at the Veterinary Centre where Barney was treated, said: “It’s unusual for an object to be removed in an operation, as it usually passes through naturally, or by using liquid paraffin to lubricate the stomach.”

Karen said that the ring was usually on her finger all the time and that she’d taken it off when taking a bath. The solution might be to ban Barney from the bathroom, Karen!

Barney was feeling ‘RUFF’ but is okay now!


Previously published in The UK Searcher magazine

Puppies can be very curious and the and the advice to owners is not to let them play on their own and to keep small objects out of reach


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10 responses to THE DETECTOR, the RING and the DOG

  1. This really made me smile. What a lovely use for a metal detector. Just shows every household should have one!

  2. Thanks for the interesting post John.
    All is well that ends well.
    That was good thinking by the ring owner to use a metal detector.

  3. A happy ending John.. And really, what else would you want.

    We had one of our doggies tear a slice in her intestinal Wall with a bone.. So it is very fortunate that this couple acted as rapidly as they did


  4. I wonder how many rings have gone missing this way John .most of us would not give a second thought that there dog could have swallowed the ring they lost around the house ..very good read John

  5. I have not found a ring for a while…perhaps I should check all the village dogs.

    • Make it easier for yourself, Nettie. Follow the critters and check their poo . . . might be difficult explaining to the dog owner why you want to do this, though!

  6. An expensive retrieval i guess.
    I was called out to check a dog when the owner lost her wedding ring. Her dog was playing with a gardening glove when she noticed it missing. Luckily i found it nearby in the grass.

  7. What Karen didn’t say was, the ring was £29.99 and the surgery was £1000,
    I’d would of fed the dog something to make it sick or let the dog wear it with pride .

  8. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 8th May 2019 at 6:50 AM

    So if the dog was in the garden eating worms just before the trip to the vet, would it have been diagnosed with ringworm?

    Don’t worry Mr. Davies (Alan or Greg), I have no plans on quitting my day job. LOL….

  9. An interesting story and a happy ending to what could have been a very different outcome for the little dog. I suppose the diamonds were sparkling and it looked a tasty morsel and the temptation was to great., nice story John.

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