Detectorists and the Little Critters

Something quite unusual is happening in the UK at the moment. We’re basking – in my case melting – in the heat. But I’m not complaining. What are the other problems? I’ve read that detectorists should be aware of cows, wild boar, adders, and deer when searching … but not much about the little critters … the insects!

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Nettie and a Penny Dreadful

Nettie shows some of her finds at a Minelab Day . . .

I really don’t know where this post is going to lead, but I have a rough idea. The catalyst was Golden Girl, Nettie Edmundson. I’ve written about her in the past, but only about her greatest golden finds. See a teaser HERE written for one of my follow-up articles in The Searcher magazine. Sometime soon I will reprise that story in one of my future blogposts.

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Melvin – Our Detectorist Hero?

If the archaeologists can have Indiana Jones, then we deserve our very own hero. There have been several contenders. A rumour on FaceAche revealed that a new hobby magazine called The Treasure Searcher, published by that dynamic duo Paul Barford and Nigel Swift, was about to make an entrance. I understand that their new publication would include the derring-do’s of all ‘naughty’ detectorists. Would a hero emerge? Would anybody buy it? Would their collaborative organ stand up to scrutiny?

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