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There are grumpy old men everywhere and the older they become, they find more things to whinge about … or should that be whine?”

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Sorry. The message you got after clicking on my new and unintentional post last night was entirely my fault and I apologise. As a penance, when I make a balls up of this nature, I usually go down to the bottom of the garden and eat worms. With the current high temperatures, the ground is so hard and the little critters are lying doggo. Perhaps you can suggest some other way, but keep it clean!

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Michael Brady

Preston based Michael Brady is 44 years old and, like some of us, rather overweight and battling depression. But there is a legitimate reason. Michael was born with rheumatoid arthritis and didn’t start to walk until six years old. He’d been stuck indoors for over 10 years with aching legs and associated health issues and just had to get out of the house. Things were about to change.
Michael was motivated and inspired when a friend showed him a copy of The Searcher magazine and, as a result, went and bought a metal detector. In no time at all he says, “I was hooked”. The good news is that the hobby encouraged him to get out and walk more. As a result, he’s gradually losing weight and friends now call him ‘Metal Micky’.

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For those of you who thought that the well-known aphorism ‘abstinence makes the heart grow fonder’ summed up the effect of sexual frequency on sexual appetite, then you are in for a disappointment.

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Brian’s Model Money

16th July 2019 — 10 Comments
I have a vague memory of long ago playing ‘shops’ with my cousin and using ‘pretend’ coins. They were bi-metallic and designed with values representing the currency of the time, pounds, shillings and pence, but unlike the real thing.

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The Coil Swinger et al

14th July 2019 — 12 Comments

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

The term Treasure Hunter and even Metal Detectorist has taken on a derogatory connotation with archaeologists as well as some engaged in the hobby, and I’m not sure why. :-)  There is undoubtedly staunch opposition in some quarters to the use of such a phrase that describes exactly what we do.

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The Golden Girl

10th July 2019 — 10 Comments


Excellent picture of Nettie – courtesy of Michael Crook (aka Novaboy)

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In the days when I was a fully functioning detectorist, but not a ‘hot-shot’ like GH, I learnt and gained a few wrinkles – often in the hard way, though never forgotten. I reckon the wrinkles on my face were caused by my habit of cursing and grimacing every time I dug up more crap. Hence the appellation, ‘miserable old git’.

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