Just Received a Brazilian – to Coin a Phrase.

I’ve been a member of a great Canadian forum since 2007. A lot or water has passed under the bridge since then. Metal detecting forums have come and gone – especially in the UK, but these guys have stood by me through good and bad times, and even regard me as an honorary Canadian. What an honour! I’ve been banned from more forums than I care to remember and only last week was chastised and the thread locked because of my ‘disgraceful welcome to a new guy to the hobby’. Was good to see that not all the Administrators agreed. I don’t post there anymore. Long story, but I am innocent, yer Honour!

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A Durham Village Childhood

Did you enjoy the works of Shakespeare when you were a youngster? I can hear the echo of an emphatic NOoooo! And that’s understandable. The texts used in schools had all the naughty (filthy) bits taken out. Anything thought to be objectionable or unsuitable was expurgated. Shakespeare’s iconic plays feature risqué humour, with crude jokes hidden throughout his works. Here’s an example and one you might know.

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The Lanchester Plaque or Diploma

The Fleet Diploma

Found in 2016 by metal detectorist Mark Houston near Lanchester, Co. Durham, this is the first complete Fleet Diploma to be discovered in the country and reveals the identity of one of Britain’s first named sailors. The diploma is made of a copper alloy and is now broken into 8 fragments, although it would have originally consisted of 2 rectangular bronze plates which were attached together with metal wires. – from the Durham University site. Click on this link to read more.

A graphic which will feature in the Durham Museum of Archaeology display of the Roman fleet diploma (Image: Handout)

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