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You could be forgiven for not recognising his name. Although German born Eugen Sandow was a very famous Victorian, he isn’t so well known now. I suppose he was bodybuilding’s first international superstar, and a very enigmatic character.

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The Fleet Diploma

Found in 2016 by metal detectorist Mark Houston near Lanchester, Co. Durham, this is the first complete Fleet Diploma to be discovered in the country and reveals the identity of one of Britain’s first named sailors. The diploma is made of a copper alloy and is now broken into 8 fragments, although it would have originally consisted of 2 rectangular bronze plates which were attached together with metal wires. – from the Durham University site. Click on this link to read more.

A graphic which will feature in the Durham Museum of Archaeology display of the Roman fleet diploma (Image: Handout)

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I have written on an earlier occasion how people of my parent’s generation seemed to be obsessed with ‘inner cleanliness’ and indigestion. They used to take Beecham’s Pills and Andrews Liver Salts, both laxatives, and available over the counter. Half a spoon of the latter would have a cup of water fizzing furiously. I loved to lean over the cup and let the bubbles envelop my face.

Andrews Liver Salt is a powder that relieves upset stomach, indigestion and symptoms of over-indulgence. Still available today.

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Blog Site Problems

7th August 2019 — 6 Comments


Dick Stout first alerted me ( a while ago ) to problems accessing my blog. When he clicked, he was presented with the Bedford Button post of the 6th June. I hear that others are having the same problem and I reckon it was something I did around that time. Sorry. Fix below.

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In my last blog I mentioned some of my pet hates. The picture below posted by my friend Graham Fox (Ghost) on the Premier MDF ticks most of the boxes. What a shambles! BTW, the Spook and I major in insulting each other and I intend blogging on this relationship in a future post.
Graham reported that he was searching in the field for only fifteen minutes and he uncovered a ‘few bits of this and that’. He went on to ask if anyone could give more information on the buckle.

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