Just Received a Brazilian – to Coin a Phrase.

31st August 2019 — 8 Comments

I’ve been a member of a great Canadian forum since 2007. A lot or water has passed under the bridge since then. Metal detecting forums have come and gone – especially in the UK, but these guys have stood by me through good and bad times, and even regard me as an honorary Canadian. What an honour! I’ve been banned from more forums than I care to remember and only last week was chastised and the thread locked because of my ‘disgraceful welcome to a new guy to the hobby’. Was good to see that not all the Administrators agreed. I don’t post there anymore. Long story, but I am innocent, yer Honour!

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Goodness, went off on a tangent there! Sorry. On Friday 16 August Bill from Lachine, (William McDuff) an administrator on the CMD forum, introduced ‘a contest just for fun’. He asked members to post one of their most interesting finds and add a short piece of background information. The winner was to be chosen by a ‘random draw’ on August 23rd.

In the past I’ve never bothered with CMD contests, for Limeys were always excluded, but this one was different. Entries from overseas members were welcomed. I dug out this extract from a hoary old blogpost and immediately forgot about it.

Tasciovanus Gold Stater. © JW

One of my better coins. The style is based on the Whaddon Chase stater, but what I found interesting was that the coin is often referred to as the Hidden Faces stater. Evidently, in many examples of Celtic art, a face is hidden in what is otherwise an abstract pattern. I have circled one of the hidden faces in the crossed Apollo wreath, so you can clearly see that they are made up of a pair of pellet-in-ring motifs for the eyes, a pellet for the nose, and a small crescent for the mouth. Many numismatists believe that the design of the Hidden Faces staters which form the trademark of the 1st and 2nd coinage is one of the loveliest examples of Celtic decorative art within the British series.

Tasciovanus was the king of the Britons in the South East and leader of the Catulvellauni (Celts). Around 20BC he minted gold, silver and copper coins and was the first king to issue inscribed Celtic coins marked with the name of Verulamium (Roman city of St Albans). His tribe was originally centred there. You can see a full report in my blog . . . but you have probably seen it before:
https://www.johnwinter.net/jw/2014/11/t … nary-tale/

Members posted a selection of super finds. I was surprised to find that In the random draw of August 23, I was declared the winner. morning, August 31st.


The prize of an 1865 silver coin arrived at Winter Mansions this morning, Saturday 31st August. That’s fast!

1000 Reis 1865 Brazillian silver coin. Obverse: Denomination within leafy circle – Reverse: Crowned arms within wreath. The edge is reeded.

Pefdro II – courtesy of Wikipedia

Pedro II, original name Dom Pedro de Alcântara, born 1825, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and died December 1891 in France. He was the second and last emperor of Brazil (1831–89), whose popular reign lasted nearly 50 years. This picture of him was taken at the time the coin above was minted


My prize was expected; Mrs John’s wasn’t. She was delighted with the bonus prize . . . Bill’s envelope with the very colourful postage stamps was very gratefully received, and I thank you.

Envelope by Bill. Picture by JW


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8 responses to Just Received a Brazilian – to Coin a Phrase.

  1. Great blog article John, keep at it.

  2. John, The prize was well deserved and very imaginative write up as per your usual well thought out posts.

  3. Wonderful entry John.. and a well deserved win my friend


  4. wonderful entry John; and a well deserved win


  5. Well done great write up!!

  6. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 1st September 2019 at 5:13 AM

    John your contributions to our forum over the years has been most entertaining and informative, and making you an Honorary Canadian was a 30 second conversation.

    It was nice to see that you won Bills contest too.

  7. Thank you for all your comments, guys.

  8. Fab story, as all of yours’s are. If you were barred from forums it’s because you threatened their “honesty”. Love reading your stories, some have relevance to my childhood (and I’m only 56).

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