The Friendly Ghost’s Flour Token

3rd August 2019 — 8 Comments



In my last blog I mentioned some of my pet hates. The picture below posted by my friend Graham Fox (Ghost) on the Premier MDF ticks most of the boxes. What a shambles! BTW, the Spook and I major in insulting each other and I intend blogging on this relationship in a future post.
Graham reported that he was searching in the field for only fifteen minutes and he uncovered a ‘few bits of this and that’. He went on to ask if anyone could give more information on the buckle.

The Ghost Post

Imaginative picture

On that visit he ended up with with several coppers, buttons and ‘some lead’. I thought that the token looked interesting and asked for a better picture. He replied, “John my man, it’s yours. PM me your address and I’ll post it on . . .” And so he did – but not before he posted a lone detector leaning on a shovel in an empty field. Another one of my pet hates. Love it!
I scanned the token as received and also after a clean by Mrs John. Below, you can see the result – after lots of patience and using a soft brush.

Upper picture shows token BEFORE and bottom AFTER cleaning. Probably 19 Century



Tony Bibby (Bibbsy) of the same forum alerted me to an almost identical token being sold on

from eBay

You will notice that it differs in that NEW STORES is replaced by MOORS. It was sold as, ‘in mint condition’. Rather gilding the lily methinks. I wonder if ‘New Stores’ changed their name to ‘Moors’ at a later date. I was unable to find additional information. Perhaps you can help.


Surprise, surprise. Casper appeared in my newspaper today!


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8 responses to The Friendly Ghost’s Flour Token

  1. nice write up john and a nice bit of cleaning by mrs john

  2. Those types of token are my second favourite type of find, John .. military being number 1..

    Ours out this way or more of the ‘good for’, ‘a certain value off’, type of token.. They are a reminder of a more simple time..And they are a much more personal type of find.

    Beautiful cleaning job by Mrs. John too.


  3. Very interesting read John, it was my pleasure sending it to you

  4. In an Australian Token book a Moore was described as a Maker of Tokens in England and Australia. He is listed as a Licenced Victualler.
    Maybe some connection to the Token listed.

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