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Andy Caley’s New Baby

3rd September 2019 — 12 Comments

Andrew Caley

Andrew Caley is a self-confessed ‘saddoe’ who braves all weathers and the mud to unearth ‘the lost, the buried and the forgotten’. He’s a metal detectorist. I first came across his work when he was still new to the hobby and his writing was in its infancy.

Around that time he started contributing to The Searcher, a UK-based metal detecting magazine. His work generated a lot of attention because the content was not only side-splittingly funny; it was fresh, well observed and often irreverent, but in a meaningful way. Readers loved it and clamoured for more.

And now ‘virgin’ Andy and his hilarious exploits have given birth to the arrival of a healthy ‘bouncing baby book’ at under five pounds and destined to thrive and do well. Seek it out on Kindle and download for free. The proud father announced the arrival on FaceAche this morning. Check it out HERE.

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