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Daft as a Brush – Eyes Only

8th September 2019 — 11 Comments

Me old Ma (bless her) had many words used to describe me. One of them was, “he’s as daft as a brush”. Strange phrase which I think is from the north-east of England. The complete phrase (according to Mr Google) is, ‘Daft as a brush and not half as useful’.

There are many explanations for where these words originated. This one will do for me. In the days of sweeps children were often used to clean chimneys as they were the only ones small enough to access the chimney to sweep it out. They were held upside down inside the chimney and accidents frequently ensued resulting in brain injury. Hence the expression daft which means silly, unable to concentrate etcetera. I was a smal boy, always grimy and rather naughty.

Nearly 80 years later, that phrase still resonates. The appellation seemed to fit admirably. Note to self – get on with it, John. 80% of your subscribers have already switched off! Okay, I take the point, sitting on my right shoulder guy! Me Ma was right. I’m crackers . . . definition and etymology another time.

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