Andy Caley’s New Baby

3rd September 2019 — 12 Comments

Andrew Caley

Andrew Caley is a self-confessed ‘saddoe’ who braves all weathers and the mud to unearth ‘the lost, the buried and the forgotten’. He’s a metal detectorist. I first came across his work when he was still new to the hobby and his writing was in its infancy.

Around that time he started contributing to The Searcher, a UK-based metal detecting magazine. His work generated a lot of attention because the content was not only side-splittingly funny; it was fresh, well observed and often irreverent, but in a meaningful way. Readers loved it and clamoured for more.

And now ‘virgin’ Andy and his hilarious exploits have given birth to the arrival of a healthy ‘bouncing baby book’ at under five pounds and destined to thrive and do well. Seek it out on Kindle and download for free. The proud father announced the arrival on FaceAche this morning. Check it out HERE.


In November 2016, Andy was a guest writer on my blog. You can get a taste of his style by clicking HERE.

See the book on Amazon and read sample pages.

“This engaging and hilarious book documents the author’s journey into the world of metal detecting. Andrew Caley is a popular writer for one of the UK’s best-selling metal detecting magazines. His account of taking up this fast-growing hobby is packed with laugh-out-loud moments as he navigates his way through the fields as a rookie detectorist.”

Ray Swinnerton said:  I have mentioned before that I liked Andrew’s writing style when I read his articles in The Searcher. I hope to see more on his progress as a detectorist. If he ever gets the inclination to visit Australia I will take him out gold prospecting.


Andy came to acting professionally relatively late in life, although he has been involved with stand-up comedy and amateur productions for many years. He’s also worked as a journalist … as you might guess from the standard of writing. A man of many parts!

Pictures courtesy of Andy Caley


3 September 2019

Yorkshire writer takes a sideways look at the world of metal detecting in a new book, The Virgin Searcher

Yorkshire-based actor and writer, Andrew Caley has published a new book which explores his entry into the world of metal detecting, a hobby that has seen a rapid growth in recent years.

The Virgin Searcher is a laugh-out-loud book, documenting his journey as a rookie detectorist, taking in the characters he encounters, the history behind his finds (or lack of them), and the surprising history behind the development of the metal detector itself.

“After I took up the hobby, I had the idea to write about my experiences,” says Andrew. “I purposefully avoided writing a ‘how to’ book and concentrated more the humour and history that surrounds the pastime.”

“A lot of people think that metal detecting is just about finding treasure but there is a lot more to it than that. Most detectorists are history buffs and this hobby lets them get their hands on history and that was a rich subject to explore. And there were numerous comic and absurd situations that just lent themselves to be told.”

Andrew says The Virgin Searcher will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in history.

“It’s not just for detectorists,” he says. “For instance, who knew the invention and development of the metal detector itself takes in the assassination of a President, the Italian dictator Mussolini and an earthquake detector on the moon. If you have an interest in historical nuggets like this then The Virgin Searcher should appeal to you.”

Andrew, 57, lives in Sheriff Hutton with his wife and daughter.

The book is published as an ebook on the Kindle format and is available via through the Amazon website, priced £4.95.

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12 responses to Andy Caley’s New Baby

  1. And if he ever gets out to the wilds of British Columbia, I will take him to some of our ghost towns..

    A very good looking book John.. But I guess I will not see the announcement he made since I do not do FB


  2. I guess writing his new book has taken up all his time. He was coming over to Oz in June but never arrived. Another book i will have to buy. His first few stories in The Searcher were funny and i look forward to reading more.

  3. Hopefully my first response has gone for moderation. Something is wrong with the site. I have to push the Post button many times and it is difficult to change from Email to Name.
    If you haven’t received many responses on recent posts, this will be why. I had trouble last time as well.

  4. That is a must have, I always have a better day after reading his work, bloody hilarious.
    I wonder if he would sign one for me.

  5. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 4th September 2019 at 5:11 AM

    Funny, I read saddoe and thought sadomasochistic?

    What?? He could be digging up whips and chains?? :hehe:

  6. congratulations on the book I suppose you had to do some thing while watching Leyton Orient play … No seriously well done I will have a look on kindle ……Gary

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