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10th September 2019 — 8 Comments


Courtesty Steve Gaunt

Hard work for a degree pays off. As a result of Steve Gaunt posting the beautiful picture of his daughter Emma provocatively posing on Faceache there has been a virtual feeding frenzy.

In January, retailer Boohoo was accused on social media of using models wearing padding to advertise its fashion products. The ‘natural’ look is now in. Other firms vying for a slice of the action are, ’Exposure’, ‘The Lifestyle Agency’ and ‘Stella McCartney’ Associates.



It took a Croation spider bite to expose the vulnerability of the invincible and ironhearted one, Gordon Heritage. He is now almost recovered due mainly to an attentive wife and numerous salty poultices. Alas, I cannot say the same for the spider. It is deaded! Stamped on. Deceased. However, Wednesday has been declared National Spider Day. On this day, all displays donated by Gordon to museums around the country will contain a plastic spider in remembrance.

Michael Lewis of the Portable Antiquities Scheme said it was the least they could do and apologised to museum curators for the extra work. Barford took the opportunity to write a 2000 blog on the debacle. It wasn’t complimentary to the hobby.


The long awaited DETECTIVAL Rally takes place this weekend and, according to Sid Perry, it’s going to be ‘a big one’. He hopes to see you there. On the Saturday, Sid will be setting up a master class in the taking of selfies. You know the type . . . a gurning face showing a finger pointing to a great find of just a thumbs up sign. The possibilities are endless. There will be a small charge that Sid, bless his heart, will be donating to the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.


Minelab are all out to save the environment so there won’t be any dramatic entry of a new detector this year. They are concerned about their carbon footprint, Instead, Paul Barford has been trekking overland with a Minelab Explorer in one hand (remember those?) and and a defunct erosion counter in the other. He hopes the latter will be assessed by the TVC and offered to museums. If there is no take up, it will just be scrapped.

Enjoy your day and I wish you well.,


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8 responses to Forgot These – Next Week’s News – Today

  1. Made me smile. Keep posting John. Jerry.

  2. If I had known Mr. Barford was going to be there I would have splurged. He’s such a warm and kind individual.

  3. Paul Barford.. now there is a name that brings back some memories.. LOL

    Nice to see he has joined the detecting crows.. even if it is with an exploder.. LOL

    Another good funny blog, John.. thank you for the chuckles


  4. John, Glad you still have your cutting wit most enjoyable post. Regards & HH Bill

  5. John from Ontario (AKA Geobound) 11th September 2019 at 2:17 AM

    Monday’s photo could have been a bigger feeding frenzy, were it to be taken at the special spot at Brighton Beach! LOL…

  6. Emma on Monday is terrific. Could we please see the rest of the week?

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