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On the 19th September I posted a rather enigmatic piece on FaceAche entitled,’Gobshite‘.

When I worked down the pit, miners used chewing tobacco. I tried it once. Was like having an arsehole at both ends. When I prematurely expectorated the wad of vile stuff, it resembled crap. Hence GOB-SHITE.

How apt that in the few metal detecting forums that still exist you can still find the refuge of the gobshite. They post a lot of nonsense and hardly anything of value, constantly blathering on about senseless things and never listening to another point of view. Can you still buy chewing tobacco? We still have gobshites . . . 

Mr Messy. Courtesy of Roger Hargreaves

Old miserable gits major on nostalgia and if I ever appear on the BBC’s Mastermind, I would make this my special subject. Not much to look forward to before I finally exit, but quite knowledgeable on what has happened in the past. Now, where is this leading?

I know what I want to say, but don’t know how to say it. Unusual for me; I blame the pills. I’m asking forgiveness if this sounds incoherent and rather messy.

I’ve just remembered something else about the story above. As an apprentice electrician, I was aware of the scams and tricks older guys did ‘just for a laugh’. Like asking you to go along to the stores and ask for ‘a long stand’ ( just wait there, son ), a can of tartan ink or a ‘skyhook’. 

They weren’t going to catch me out. One day the guy I was working with gave me a couple of bob, and asked me to go down to the newsagents for an ounce of Ladies’ Twist. I refused, but regretted it when he chased me and slammed my hand in the door. There was such a popular chewing tobacco masticated by the miners and it looked like this, a strangulated turd:

Chewed also by Soldiers in the American Civil War

Ray Swinnerton has found a picture of a ”Lady Twist’ tin on the Net. Not the one I remember, but I thank him nevertheless.

I have found a mention of this baccy on a site about the Northern coalfields. I worked at Thornley Colliery, the one mentioned.

Back to the Point – Gobshites

Administrators love them. Mainly because they make several posts every day. It doesn’t matter they are largely incoherent, don’t understand the rules of argument and will attack other posters on a personal level.

In an easier blogpost I asked if you had enjoyed you schooldays, and especially the works of William Shakespeare. A reminder:

The texts used in schools had all the naughty (filthy) bits taken out. Anything thought to be objectionable or unsuitable was expurgated. Shakespeare’s iconic plays feature risqué humour, with crude jokes hidden throughout his works. See the full post HERE.

On detecting forums the administrators will change established Old English words like shit, piddle and more. ‘Please do not use such language. This is a family forum’. The laugh is I hear words that are genuinely gross and unacceptable uttered by teenagers almost every day. Girls included. And, unlile the way I use them, not always in context.

In the past week I have had a couple of Gobshites berate me for always being negative. WHAT? For nearly 20 years, I have helped promote the hobby in a positive way. Helping detectorists whenever I can, giving advice and getting them published in a national magazine. When I started the blog in 2011, I proudly posted what Paul Barford, renowned blogger residing in Poland, said about me and made it a ‘sticky.’ Many people steered clear, thinking that he was a true friend. Many left, never to return. I think that is the only time I’ve said anything remotely negative about anybody.

Barford and Toupee Caricature by Bibbsy

One Tekkies Wot Kin Rite  It is stunning indictment of the system that the number of UK ‘metal detectorists’ consistently capable of writing a text longer than eight sentences which is coherent, grammatical and with all the words spelt properly can (literally) be counted on the fingers of two hands. So it is nice to see that one of that rare brand (John Winter, aka. ‘Saabman’) has entered the blogging scene to provide a counterpoint to the rather negative press they will get on blogs like mine . . . of course the fact that this gentleman was an English teacher before he retired may have something to do with his being a tekkie with the ability to actually use the language. Barford 2011


My Stout Friend

Shortly after starting my own blog I persuaded my friend and doppelgänger in the States, Dick Stout, to start his own. And what a success it has proved to be. Check it out here:

Dick is also big on nostalgia. He has also been accused of some as ‘continually moaning’. I love the answer to his critics, which goes something like this. This is my blog and I say what I want. If you don’t like it, then you can go elsewhere. Finis. Just the way I feel too.

In the past month I have lost 12 subscribers and gained 2. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? No, forget that. I’m not going out of the way to invite trouble. 🙂



From Sandra Shaw of the UKDFD . . .

Hi John, Can you give this post a bump please, we now have another one on UKDFD, this one is missing the backpart and the decoration is a cross with trefoil terminals, not a common find I wonder they have been imported, possibly from the US, all the suggestions made on your blog have been followed up, I have an image of all five of them which I will send to you.  Best regards Sandra.



Peter Collins said: Well I’ve never read such a load of incoherent rubbish, in all my life. That’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

Darren Smith made a very negative comment on FaceAche, but it has now been removed – can’t find it anymore!

Ray Swinnerton, my friend in Oz says, “I haven’t seen a crap post from you yet.”



I haven’t forgotten! I ask you to be patient. Coming soon.

20 thoughts on “Crap is a Gobshite Major Subject – MY TURN”

  1. Whomever owns the blog has the right to post or not post any comment they receive. The same can be said about forum owners. It’s a little easier to get your comment on a forum but keeping it there is up to the owner.

    On a blog one can expect that it will not turn into a debate, at least not to a point the owner doesn’t desire.

    A forum seeks different opinions and one can expect debate as a forum advertises for such. The owner of a forum will also regulate what is seen but they are often not as up-front with their intentions.

    If someone is operating a forum for profit they will have to moderate it in a way that keeps the money coming in. That may not be best for the hobby. That may not be best for profit either.

    Here in the U. S. I’ve seen the demise of forums. Some blame it on youtube and facebook and other competition for members. Those sites not only let the owner of the venue control what is posted but also lets the poster make their page appear as they wish by deleting anything they wish to remove.

    A forum that tolerates and encourages different views and styles, in the correct sub-forum of course, is a thing of the past. I do think that is where the money is and is also what is best for the hobby.

    I don’t think anyone wants to moderate the current forums in a way that is best for the hobby and I doubt there is enough money available there to make it worth the effort.
    They do hold the cards because people that are interested in forums will most likely go to where the most traffic is.

    • No. Be patient Gary. I posted the blog just after midnight, then went to bed. When I went for a pee 2pm, I checked my blog and saw your comment. Please remember the time difference between the UK and the States. Perhaps the Don can sort that?

      • I was just concerned because my comment didn’t show up on my screen as ” pending ” Our Don can probably get us on the same time schedule but there would be a debate on whether he moved us up or back by accomplishing it. 🙂

  2. When I first saw that.. well… you know, I thought it was .. well… you know.. LOL

    Anyway John; to the point. Dick had it correct… It is your blog and you are free to say what you want.. Barford has some serious issues and in my opinion, can stuff it!!

    Anyway.. my thoughts and musing of an old Canuck


  3. Well said John and a perfect example of my identical thoughts and it is no wonder the detecting forums are going to the wall, I have also took notice of how the snidey gobshites are promoting themselves.

    • I’ve stopped posting on that site to which we both subscribe. Pity it’s failing. The Captain and First Mate have abandoned ship and so have many of the more ‘interesting’ passengers. Good luck to those members of the crew who are trying to keep it afloat. How much longer can it last?

  4. Did anybody ever meet Paul Barford face to face? I suspect it’s the fact we respond and defend our hobby that keeps him going. I am sure he sweeps posts by non academic people like myself to the side not worthy of any real debate. The problem with metal detecting forums is that they are for the most part about metal detecting. If you look at and the numbers that view threads you can see we are limited by our own interest. Some of the gamer forums also attract huge numbers. You do not need much knowledge to go metal detecting and we are not in a competitive hobby. I think for those reasons big metal detecting forums are few and far between. I have to say John that picture of the chewing tobacco is not making me feel good.

  5. Your blog, your rules. Simples. You picked me up a couple of times in the past for trangressions and I had no problem with it. (I haven’t commented on your blog for a while because I’ve had to chuck detecting, at least for the time being, and got out of the habit, not because I had a beef…) Good on yer, John!

  6. I’ve no idea what your dribbling on about John, I’ve never seen ‘gobshites’ or experienced drivel posts on any forum I’ve been involved with hahahahaha,
    Like the Floyd say “ keep talking “

  7. “In the past month I have lost 12 subscribers and gained 2. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?”

    John it’s the need for instant gratification that people seem to be seeking, and don’t much care for real followup conversation. FaceAche and Twitter will ruin us all. LOL….

    Just keep doing what you are doing, and the vast majority of us will continue to visit and contribute.

    Now for those of you talking about forums, I would like to proudly suggest you visit (shameless plug John, sorry), but I’d like to think that the group of admins/mods that we have over there are great!

    We are very respectful of peoples time and effort they put into their posts, throughly enjoy talking about the finds, and encourage open conversations, but don’t tolerate a bashing environment.

    Not to mention one of the biggest pluses………Mr. Winter is a great contributor to our forum, and has been very many years.

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