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‘Have they disappeared’, I hear you asking. Detectorists are finding them but, but in the main, they are largely overlooked in favour of the hammered coin or Roman brooch. That is about to change. When was the last time you saw one in a detecting magazine?

The design of the artefact has changed, and not only for the better. The original was of excellent quality and did its job very well. We have been fooled by design. Now we have all different kinds of ways of opening a door or cupboard and they are not always efficient. We have been lulled into living and accepting items that have been designed to the nth degree. Bring back knobs, that’s what I say.

If you are looking for a door knob definition, then it is the round handle on a door that is turned in order to release the latch and thus opening it. Door knobs have a wide range of application which have their advantages.

Because they are round they’re perfect for doors that open in either direction. The round knob operates the same way regardless of the configuration. Try doing that with the range of alternatives that are currently available. They are harder as compared to door levers for children and pets to open hence can be considered to be a safety feature if you don’t want your children or pets to go out on their own. 

If worried about tearing your clothing on doors, then door knobs are your choice for door handles as their design does not allow them to catch your clothing and therefore are less likely to damage them.

What are the disadvantages of round knobs?

Like the BBC I strive to be impartial (well, most of the time). It is very difficult for children and pets to open round door knobs if you want them to go out on their own. They will be impossible to open if you try to open them with full arms. Their shape is round as per the door knob definition and are therefore difficult to open for people with disabilities. Americans don’t favour them since they have to be twisted in order to open.

Detectorist finds

Door Handle courtesy of UKDFD 52240

The handle above is recruited as a small globular knob handle with waisted stem and incised circumferential lines of decoration. Handles of this nature are usually described as being ‘modern’, circa 18th-19th century, but pretty old to some of our detectorist friend across the Pond I guess. Here’s another example.

Courtesy of UKDFD

This is a copper-alloy fungiform knob handle or finial. It has knurled decoration and an internal screw thread. Fungiform simply having the shape of or resembling a mushroom.

In conclusion BRING BACK KNOBS. I want to see more of them. They’re easy to clean – and Mrs. John finds them useful for hanging my shirts when ironing. The humble knob ticks all my boxes and I consider them a part of our functional future – with knobs on.



10 thoughts on “A Blogpost with Knobs on!”

  1. My house is a mixture of knobs and levers John.. But in truth, I prefer the levers.. I can open them with an arm full of groceries,….Plus, for these arthritic hands, the levers are just so much easier to use,

    But, I still hang clothes on the lever handles


  2. I have never thought about the lack of knobs in some homes.I only have knobs and would really like them all to be of the Victorian style with all the lacy designs.

  3. Takes a leap of the imagination sometimes. Every hobby blog post must be relevant to the detectorist, and often delivered with a sense of humour. My next Searcher article contains a word never seen in that respected and impressive magazine. Will hit the doormat soon. See if you can spot it!

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