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If the archaeologists can have Indiana Jones, then we deserve our very own hero. There have been several contenders. A rumour on FaceAche revealed that a new hobby magazine called The Treasure Searcher, published by that dynamic duo Paul Barford and Nigel Swift, was about to make an entrance. I understand that their new publication would include the derring-do’s of all ‘naughty’ detectorists. Would a hero emerge? Would anybody buy it? Would their collaborative organ stand up to scrutiny?

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. . . guaranteed to annoy someone, but it’s what I think; you may even be able to recognise yourself 🙂

for many metal detectorists the act of buying a new machine far outweighs the thrill of actually doing the hobby

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A Button Apology

6th June 2019 — 9 Comments


Picture Courtesy of Joe Tilt

‘Just a button’ is how Joe Tilt described one of his recent finds when writing on a detecting forum. In a way he was apologising to the members for ‘only’ finding a button. There was no need. His find was much more interesting than a hammered coin or Roman brooch where information is sparse or non-existent. The humble button spoke volumes and told us a lot about our recent social history.

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Today I am unashamedly pandering to my Canadian friends to whom I owe so much, but also hope that all my subscribers find the blog post interesting. Creep!

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Bloody Passwords

27th May 2019 — 13 Comments

Few words fill me with more dread than, “Please enter your username and password.”

Like many of you, I have my computer set to remember all of login credentials, so why is it when I get the occasional request to re-enter the username and password details, I draw a blank? Far too many times, I enter the information I think is correct, only to get that annoying red text: “Your username and password is incorrect. Please try again.  My password-protected life is making me paranoid.

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