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Joan the Wad

9th June 2016 — 11 Comments

Joan the What?

I’m ashamed to say that I was a naughty boy … at the age of eleven or twelve I used to steal fags from my mother’s handbag. She was a ‘secret’ smoker and I knew that it was comparatively safe if ever caught in the act. It was a much different age then and female cigarette smoking was frowned upon. Regular readers knew about this, because I confessed on a previous occasion, but have more to add. It’s what old men do … repeat themselves. (post lost).

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solar-energyThe alert amongst you will thinking – because of the date – that this is a spoof. Well, you’d be wrong! That’s what people thought way back in 1990 when the Solar Pinnacle ‘Leader’ metal detector was first announced. Perhaps that was understandable, because the publicity started long before any details or photographs of the machine were available.

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On May 2nd this year Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, “was safely delivered of a daughter”. Cheers from die-hard royal fans outside the hospital greeted the announcement. Shouldn’t they have waited outside Buckingham Palace because that’s where the news was announced first? The relentless coverage outside the hospital by hysterical reporters with little to say was a total non-event.

All this kerfuffle reminded me of a piece I wrote in 2011. The royal couple (should that phrase be in capital letters?) was the catalyst for an article I wrote on royal souvenirs, the majority of them found by detectorists.

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Every Day’s an Adventure

30th August 2015 — 12 Comments

One of my mate Dave’s favourite sayings is that ‘every day’s an adventure’, and it’s especially true as you grow older. Maybe it’s a cliche, but I’m always learning something new. Perhaps I need to compose a listicle for my readers – 10 Ways For Learning Something New Every Day! Except that I don’t wish to bore you with the details. Suffice to say that this old fart has come to realise how important knowledge really is … although I worry sometimes that my brain is eventually going to explode because it’s slowly filling to capacity.

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Untitled 4The first paragraph or so is an important part of any story. The beginning is where the reader decides whether to keep reading. A weak first line and they might pass your story by. If you send your epic tale to a detecting magazine (for example), then it’s the editor’s attention that you are trying to attract.

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